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Prolonged loss with no end in sight

2 weeks 3 days ago I got a squinter on an IC and a BFP on a FRER. Bloodwork next day and HCG was 14.7 which is low but they thought I had just caught the pregnancy very early (I have irregular cycles). Increased to 25.8 in 43 hours which is in the normal range for doubling time. The next week we were in Disney so no bloodwork but my tests were gradually getting darker, but not significantly. Fast forward to Saturday (8 days after that test) and my HCG was only 58. So definitely non viable. However they are now having me do bloodwork every week or so (my next one being Saturday). They said if numbers aren't high enough they won't be able to see an ectopic and if they don't go down then the miscarriage won't happen on its own. They said it "can be a long process." This is torture because I feel pregnant because I have elevated HCG but I am just walking around with a nonviable pregnancy and constantly feeling so sad. Has this happened to anyone else? What was your next step? Here is my extremely slow FRER progression (picture) 

Re: Prolonged loss with no end in sight

  • lelkcotlelkcot member
    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I would speak to your doctor about what the appropriate next steps if you don’t want to wait any longer. Also, if there’s a concern about ectopic I would think they would want to track more closely as a rupture could be dangerous. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.
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