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Baby Gift Registry

After my anatomy scan I am planning to start a gift registry for the baby. What was anyone thinking to use for a registry? Has anyone used Babylist before? If you have any advice of what is good and not good to put on registry that would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Baby Gift Registry

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    I'd stick with the regular company-owned registries over the ones that let you select from many stores. Gifters are much better at marking what they purchased with the store ones than the babylist-type registries... plus you typically get a discount to complete your registry after your shower (usually 1 month or so before you due date) which is always great. You can add non-baby items to your registry at that point and reap the discount rewards! 🤣😂 personally I use target and Amazon in the past and they had everything I wanted. You can also add items that aren't in those stores if you have a few specialty things you want. 
  • I started one on Amazon. The only bad thing I've noticed so far is that some stuff has sold out or had large price fluctuations. But it usually comes back in stock, and sometimes the price goes down, so that's nice.
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  • I made a Babylist one just for organization of everything I want. I also made a BuyBuyBaby, Target, Walmart and Amazon Prime registries for the free things you get and completion discount. I did a few like this with DD too.
    For this baby I don’t expect a shower, although a sprinkle would be nice. In the case I do need to share a registry I’d just share BuyBuyBaby because they have the specific things we still need. 
    Also, much of what I have is leftover things from DD and I take very good care of all clothes, furniture, gear, etc so it’s still “new.” I even kept her fancy sterilizer, BF Kinde starter kit, and a ton of BF support items and clothes from NB-3T (with some big gaps).
    Money is tight with us—because of my HG and being on disability since January we really have to budget. We put money away in the baby account each check, buy a pack of diapers each time we do a large grocery or Target run, and I buy used clothes and baby gear items every so often with huge discounts on Mercari so we can slowly build up what we need for the baby.
  • I used baby list with my first and it was honestly so nice! I could share one registry rather than 4 or 5 registries with family and friends. 
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  • I’m using Babylist and really like it. I hate the idea of being tied to one or two stores. 
  • I’ve made a Target and Amazon registry. Someone brought up a shower to me yesterday (FTM) so I need to go back and get those in some kind of real coordinated order before that happens. 

    I’m putting diapers on there but idk how many and of what sizes to ask for so I’m just guessing on a big pack or two each of NB and size 1s to get us started. 
  • @purplegoldpirate Amazon lets you do a diaper fund. People can contribute toward diapers, and I think it just converts to a gift card balance that you can use for diapers. So you don't have to know size, brand, or quantity in advance.
  • @noprobalo yeah I saw that. My family are more physical-gift type people so I think they would go for actual diaper packs over the fund but they might surprise me. 
  • k_rn21k_rn21 member
    Does someone want to make a registry for me? 😭 the idea is overwhelming and I’m just procrastinating. I feel like I have to start over. My daughter is 5. I only kept her crib, a small stroller and some clothes. Kicking myself now. I also forget what I used most because a lot of things from my first shower I don’t recall using much. I do know I want to invest in a good swing if anyone has ideas. 
  • I just did Amazon with DS. I hadn't realized until after that they had registries where you could put multiple stores on there. I'm not having a shower this time around, but am still creating an Amazon registry to get the two 15% discounts once it is "completed." After our house flooded and we had to move to the temporary condo, we had to get a lot of household items that ended up being eligible for the discount which was soooo helpful. Hoping those extra things are still eligible this time around!
  • Has anyone done the welcome box from Amazon? I'm having a hard time deciding if a mystery box could possibly be worth $35.
  • @noprobalo I did it with DS, it was alright, not worth $35. Is that what you have to spend now to get it? We just had to make a purchase, so I got bottle cleaning brushes for $10.

    Thinking about it, it may have just been preference for me. It came with a nice muslin swaddle, but DS hated to be swaddled so we went with the Halo things, a few travel stuff that was great, and a bottle that we only used for a bit, because it only was 3 oz, and I nursed DS and he took 4 oz by the time he was in daycare. 
  • @gingermama46 It doesn't say there's a cost, until you click to redeem it. Then it adds an item with a $35 price tag to your cart. But now I'm seeing it also adds a $35 credit when you go to check out. Guess I'll see what I get!
  • @noprobalo oh, weird! With my daughter, I just had to make a $10 purchase, then I got the box. It was fun to get, but not worth $35. People post their boxes on reddit (BabyBumps sub) sometimes, and the content varies--some get a lot of cool, useful things, others...don't. I got a muslin swaddle which we used as a stroller cover, a onesie, several different types of bottles, detergent, diaper rash cream, and something else that I can't remember. Plus a handful of random coupons. I'm going to do it this year because free surprises can be fun. 
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    @noprobalo someone has to buy $10 off your registry for you to be eligible and then it'll give you the $35 credit when you go to order it. It was great with my first two -- there was a toy for each of them and some super nice muslin swaddles and other things. It was CRAP this go around. It was seriously like 4 random bottle samples -- nothing cloth, no toy, nada. I don't know if they were like "uhhh you've already gotten two good ones" and sent me a crappy one or if they just changed up how they do it.
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  • @mac-n-cheesy that's such a great idea i may copy your strategy
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