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Boy or girl nub?

What’s your guess? Girl or boy nub?

Re: Boy or girl nub?

  • megtool said:
    What’s your guess? Girl or boy nub?

    That looks like a profile pic... ?
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  • I see is what I assume to be a fetus that will be born with a sex of girl, boy, or in very rare occasions ambiguous genitalia.  Then after its born the gender will be identified. 

    Sorry, but that shows absolutely nothing about how your kiddo will pee (or possibly reproduce in the future). Please be patient and wait for your anatomy scan, and maybe the baby will cooperate. 
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    That's a pic showing the baby's profile. To see the sex you gotta look between the legs, which is not how the picture is presented. With my kids, I always saw what looked like the underside of their thighs and then whatever was in between. It looks like a little circle sticking out for a boy, and 3 lines for a girl. That's what the ultrasound tech told me. So... wait until you get another ultrasound and wait and see what the tech tells you because she/he will know best.
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