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My husband and I are having a hard time deciding on a name. We like these options 
Halle (not Haley) Brynn
Charlotte Eve
and Eve Charlotte, Eve Celeste, Eve Annabelle
any thoughts would be appreciated and the why behind your answers. For reference we have a Weston and Claire already. 

Re: Baby Girl Name Vote

  • Halle - honestly do you want it pronounced like hail or like Hailey?  I see nothing but issues with this.  I would say NO

    Charlotte is so over done uts rediculous! 

    Eve I like. Its different and refreshing.  In fact in the three years if teaching in a school, I have not had an Eve!  Eve Celest I think is my favorite.  I like how Eve Lenora flows for another idea. 

  • Halle would be pronounced Ha-lee (like Halle Berry) 
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  • Halle would be pronounced Ha-lee (like Halle Berry) 
    I still say no and go with Eve.
  • I really like Halle Brynn, that would be my top choice. 
  • I think Eve goes best with your other 2 names. I also think if you’re worried about mispronunciations and misspellings Halle is cannon fodder. I can’t say I love any of the middle name options, but there’s also nothing wrong with them. I think Celeste would be a beautiful first name too.
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  • I like Eve and Charlotte but agree that Eve is more refreshing.

    Eve Charlotte is nice.

    I think Eve Celeste feels kinda themey/cheesy to me because both make me think of a night sky.
  • Halle is really pretty. 
    I would write the names down on separate pieces of paper and whichever pulls you is the one 
  • I like Charlotte Eve... Very cute!
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