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TWW Thursday 4.8

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Typical LP length: 
TTC History
Me: 38, MH: 37 | Met 02/2009 | Started Dating 08/2017 | Married 02/02/2020
TTC #1 since 02/2020
2009 | Dx PCOS; likely a misdiagnosis
07/14/20 | Dx Hashimoto's Thyroditis
07/21/20 | 1st RE appointment
07/2120 - 08/20/20 | so much testing; no signs of PCOS
08/20/20 | Dx Unexplained; AMA
09/08/20 | IUI #1 Clomid + Trigger + Prometrium | BFN
09/30/20 | Urology consult; more testing required
10/2020 | Clomid + OPK + TI + Prometrium | BFN
10/26/2020 | Starting 2nd IUI cycle, with Letrazole and with a new RE / different clinic
11/03/2020 | New Dx "poor egg quality"; IUI cancelled in favor of Trigger + TI + Prometrium | BFN
11/26/2020 | Combo IUI (Clomid + Menopur) + Trigger + Prometrium | BFN
12/20/2020 | Combo IUI (Clomid + Gonal-F) + Trigger | IUI Cancelled due to thin lining; TI only | BFN
01/14/2021 | Combo IUI (Letrazole + Menopur) + Trigger | BFN
02/06/2021 | Switched to a new RE (TEW) ; trying naturally until we complete additional testing 
03/14/2021 | Hybrid Double IUI, with Zymot (Letrazole, Gonal-F) + Trigger + Endometrin | Ovulated 4 mature eggs but still a BFN ☹️
04/07/2021 | Natural cycle while we regroup | BFN
04/09/2021 | Employer announces fertility benefits starting 05/01/2021! | Search for a new doctor who accepts insurance
05/10/2021 | New RE consult & plan for IVF
05/13/2021 | Mid-luteal IVF cycle #1 interrupted; had to get cancer genetic screening done to make sure I didn't have the same SDHA gene mutation as MH. 
06/10/2021 | Aygestin priming IVF cycle #1; opted to Cx after 9 days of stims since only 5-6/12 follicles responded
07/26/2021 | Attempt #2 at IVF cycle #1 (mid-luteal start): 8 retrieved, 8 MII, 6 fert (1 PN3), 3 Day 5 & 6 blasts: 3AA, 3AA, 6AB; 3 euploid
08/09/2021 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC | Shockingly, a BFP! EDD: 5/25/202 | CP at 4w4d
09/23/2021 | IVF cycle #2 (mid-luteal start): 14 retrieved, 13 MII, 11 fert, 5 Day 5 & 6 blasts: 2 x 3AA, 2 x 3AB, 3BB; 2 euploid
11/12/2021 | IVF cycle #3 (mid-luteal start): cancelled due to ovaries being on vacation
12/20/2021 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + Pregmune Immunology Testing; BFN
01/22/2022 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + understanding uncovered immunological issues; BFN
02/18/2022 | Mock transfer cycle! ERA, ReceptivaDx, EMMA/ALICE; start Prednisone to address NK activity
03/16/2022 | Final, "Hail Mary" super-ovulation + TI cycle before FET; BFP! EDD: 12/21/2022 | MMC 05/08/2022
05/20/2022 | D&C; recovering... 
06/21/2022 | Trying naturally until October 2022
07/21/2022 | BFP! EDD 04/02/2023

Re: TWW Thursday 4.8

  • Month/Cycle: Testing/0<div>CD/DPO: 25/11</div><div>Timing: NA</div><div>Typical LP length: ???</div><div>Testing: NA</div><div>
    </div><div class=" Spoiler">R/R: Rant:  ughh... Family drama.  Someone's aged mother I never met passed away, RIP, and MIL is making kind of a big deal about it.  That's fine.  But come to find out someone else who was very close to the family also passed, before Easter, RIP, was recently laid to rest, AND NO ONE EVEN BOTHERED TO TELL US.  WTH.  DH and I are both just kind of dumbfounded, why some close family members went to the wake, others who should have been there <i>didn't</i> go, and literally no one thought it was important enough to tell us so we could pay our respects.  Like, what is wrong with people?  It's upsetting on a lot of levels. Rave: I think I had a semi WFH win, so that was cool.  LSS, I was brave enough to ask a question on a pretty big call and I think it was well-received!</div>
    <div class=" Spoiler">CS/Q: Well, I had a pretty massive temp drop this morning, so the thought occurred to me that CD1 could be closer than I think... As of late, FF only knows my typical cycle length, not my LP length, because without temping, who's to say?  DH was using some kind of shoe polish or something that I told him was giving me a headache, and now I'm spotting so.... A few things clicked and it's looking like AF is knocking at the door.
    <img src="" alt=""></div>
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