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Baby girl poll!

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Contenders for baby girl number 3. Big sisters are Mia Brielle and Grace Audrey. Maybe some names are too close to their middle names? What do ya think?

Edit: I forgot to add Averie Charlotte. 

Baby girl poll! 33 votes

Audrina Charlotte
0% 0 votes
Isla Charlotte
30% 10 votes
Olivia Charlotte
27% 9 votes
Charlotte Olivia
30% 10 votes
Gabriela Charlotte
12% 4 votes

Re: Baby girl poll!

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    I went with Gabriella because all the other first names are far too common now. Audric’s is a little different than the more popular Audrey, but I feel like it will just get butchered.
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    I voted Charlotte Olivia. Yes it’s popular but so are Mia and Grace. It’s very pretty. 
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    Gabriella w/NN Gabby would be great with your current kiddos, and its not as common as the other choices 
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