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Trying to Get Pregnant

Healthy Habits w/o 3.29

What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week?

How's everything going? Any recent wins?

What has you motivated or struggling this week?

Re: Healthy Habits w/o 3.29

  • Copying from last week since no one posted in this thread. Healthy habit: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. 😉
  • I'm trying to ride the Peloton at least 5 times a week. Last year I rode every single day for 6 months straight. I don't think I really need to do that, it's more about my diet. I've been eating egg white omelets packed with veggies and some cheese most mornings, and then I cook a bunch of chicken breast and have salad stuff chopped and on hand so I can make a chicken salad super quickly. I also make my own tzaziki sauce for the chicken, and it's soooo tasty, and low cal as well! Then I eat kinda whatever for dinner, and I still have wine most nights. I know the wine is killing my potential gains from working out, but I'm hoping to be pregnant soon, right? So I might as well while I can? Haha. 
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  • I bought the Peloton. It arrives midApril. 

    I haven’t worked out in I don’t even know how long. So here’s to being healthy while ttc and *hopefully* while pregnant. 

    I am up 20lbs and would like to not gain a bunch more. 
  • @Lisa3379 I admire your workout goal.  I am just not a workout person.  I know I should be but I have never been able to get into it.  I joined weight watchers years ago and lost 30 lbs in a few months and ever since that, whenever I am feeling not healthy I focus more on my diet.  Would you be willing to share your tzaziki recipe?

    As for me, I have given up coffee.  It has been about six days and while the first few were terrible, it is getting better. 

    I have also cut back on my wine.  I usually drink a whole glass about 4/5 nights week.  I am cutting it down to a half glass if it is a weeknight but trying to stick to only weekends. I just love sipping on it while reading a book!
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  • @Lisa3379 that is exactly how I feel about wine 😂 *eventually* I'll need to stop so I'll just have a glass now. 

    @ReadyForaB same, I love a glass of wine with a book! I've cut back my wine (and caffeine-still love my decaf/half caff coffee) and I feel and sleep better. I've been doing peppermint tea with a book, and it's been nice. 

    I'm annoyed that I maintained weight the first 6 months of quarantine, but then last Aug/Sept I started gaining weight, and now it's averaged out to a pound a month, so 8 lbs over where I was. Some of it was probably due to wine intake increasing, and some may be muscle since I was/am lifting weights, but I really don't know how I let that get away from me so quick. I do track measurements and that's really what I base my progress on, so the scale number doesn't matter too much to me, I just want my clothes to fit better lol.

    Anyway, I'm re-motivated to work out again, now that I've kinda figured out how to work it into my weird work schedule. Also I bought myself new work out clothes so I no longer look like a sausage busting out of its casing 🙈😂 don't want to total up how much I've spent, but damn it, I deserve clothes that fit! 
  • @Lisa3379 @angelz429 also team peloton! i don't do a ride every day, but in march my goal was to move every day... either a strenght class, a ride, or even just a stretch. and so far i've done it! which is great! we got our last april, had talked about getting one end of 2019 and hesitated on the cost, about a week into covid i was like efffff  this i need something!!!

    as for the wine convo - i have not read it - but apparently the book quit like a woman is really good, i always say i'm a social drinker not a sofa drinker. so covid really cut back my drinking tbh.
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