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Ten Things Tuesday 3.23

What are you feeling most appreciative of today? List your top ten below. 

Re: Ten Things Tuesday 3.23

  • Having quite a rough day, but still lots to be thankful for:
    1) ☀️“Sun is shining, weather is sweet”🎶 
    2) DH dropping everything to have a heart-to-heart with me about an important stressful family-related topic 
    3) DH making me lunch❤️
    4) Barilla gluten-free pasta actually tastes like regular pasta—hallelujah!
    5) Gluten-free Oreos taste just like Oreos, thank you Jesus!
    6) Knowing a loving God/Goddess who won’t strike me down for my two previous statements 😂
    7) Work opportunities continue to flow in
    8) Fertility playlists made by other people that I can just enjoy instead of making myself 
    9) Warm caring doctors & nurses 
    10) You lovelies💗
    [Deleted User]
  • 1) getting things crossed off my list that have been sitting for weeks<div>2) especially a bigger thing for DH that I get to submit for him tomorrow! 🎉🙏
    3) doggies keeping us on our toes</div><div>4) our cozy beds</div><div>5) the roof over our heads</div><div>6) laundry... So much laundry</div><div>7) lots of fresh fruit and produce in the house</div><div>8) springtime!
    9) my doctor
    10) the chance to bring our precious embabies home, come what may ❤️❤️</div>
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