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WTO Monday 3/22

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** <div>
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</div><div>CD: </div><div>
</div><div>WAYDTGKU: </div><div>
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Re: WTO Monday 3/22

  • Month/Cycle: Testing...<div>
    </div><div>CD: 8</div><div>
    </div><div>WAYDTGKU:  FET Prep</div><div>
    </div><div>R/R:  SHG went well this morning!  It was wonderful to see my doctor again, but oh man, I am suffering after getting up at 4AM.</div><div>
    </div><div>CS/Q:  When's naptime?</div>
  • @BusinessWife eeek 4am! Glad to hear the SHG went well  :)

    Month/Cycle: 5/5
    CD: 2
    R/R: Rave: Heading to TN for spring break Friday and I am so welcoming the distraction. Excited to breathe some fresh mountain air. This will be my rave ALL week. Rant: *TW in spoiler*
    Not really a rant, but I'm still mentally processing the CP... what a mind fluck. I'm trying to stay positive, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking how many times does this have to happen until one sticks? I don't think I will ever be able to get excited again, the let down is too hard. 
    CS/Q: None

    [Deleted User]acleverusernamehepalien42chgilmore
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  • edited March 2021
    @misspricklepants. I'm so sorry.  I know we just met, but I was excited for you, too.
    <img alt="" src="https://us.v-cdn.net/5020794/uploads/editor/ad/d9ecen1535gh.gif">
    Tennessee sounds like just the thing. ❤️
  • @BusinessWife best gif ever, I can feel it! Thank you  <3
    [Deleted User]
  • @BusinessWife glad it went well!!

    @misspricklepants I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending so many hugs.

    Month/Cycle: 21/2 AL

    CD: 18

    WAYDTGKU: NTNP this cycle (we're technically benched), temping

    R/R: this weekend was really nice! I got to see my best friend in person for the first time since August and also zoomed with all 5 of my siblings yesterday while playing games together. We then spent the whole afternoon outside in the sunshine and warmth. This whole week is supposed to be high 60s and sunny and I am so ready for it. My principal told all the staff to leave with the students at 1:30 today and enjoy the sunshine and I fully intend to do exactly that.

    CS/Q: nope 
    [Deleted User]acleverusernamekeikilovechgilmore
  • @gingermama29 what a great way to spend the afternoon!  Enjoy! :)
  • @BusinessWife hooray for the SHG being all normal. I love how excited you are about each step of this process. the 4am wake though... ouch! 

    @misspricklepants I bet you'll be counting the days until Friday! I'm sorry the CP is messing you up so much. The positive in all of this that egg and sperm met.

    @gingermama29 Sorry to hear you're benched! I missed why that is? Anyways, your weather forecast for the week sounds amazing! Enjoy it. In contrast, it's actually quite chilly in CA right now. 

    @keikilove I didn't get a chance to reply to yesterday's tag from you. The Rover thing was a really great learning opportunity, but yeah... I'm taking a break after this one goes home today. The bottom line is that dogs are anxious beings and if they're brought into a new home, with new ppl, and left behind their owners... it's gonna take them a while to get used to their new surroundings and during this time, they will exhibit some anxious behaviors. 

    As for no monitoring while doing medicated cycles, I get you 100%. After you do it a few times, monitoring is just an unnecessary expense. But I'm glad you're getting in this time to see how you're reacting to the hybrid protocol. What are your doses? And yes, we're CD buddies! And also treatment buddies! Woot. I'll post my update to the IF thread. 

    Month/Cycle: 15/15

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: double hybrid IUI cycle; lots of vits & supps for MH and I. 

    R/R: Rave! I got my first dose of the vaccine on Saturday b/c I have a qualifying pre-existing condition. My arm was really sore yesterday, but feeling a lot better today. And no fever or anything, but I did - on the advice of my doctor - pre-treat with Tylenol. In other news, Q2 planning is wrapping up at work, and I'm overjoyed... hopefully my week is going to be a smidge more relaxed, which - with IUIs coming this week - will be required. 

    CS/Q: haven't bothered to plug in my temps into FF yet this cycle. 
    TTC History
    Me: 38, MH: 37 | Met 02/2009 | Started Dating 08/2017 | Married 02/02/2020
    TTC #1 since 02/2020
    2009 | Dx PCOS; likely a misdiagnosis
    07/14/20 | Dx Hashimoto's Thyroditis
    07/21/20 | 1st RE appointment
    07/2120 - 08/20/20 | so much testing; no signs of PCOS
    08/20/20 | Dx Unexplained; AMA
    09/08/20 | IUI #1 Clomid + Trigger + Prometrium | BFN
    09/30/20 | Urology consult; more testing required
    10/2020 | Clomid + OPK + TI + Prometrium | BFN
    10/26/2020 | Starting 2nd IUI cycle, with Letrazole and with a new RE / different clinic
    11/03/2020 | New Dx "poor egg quality"; IUI cancelled in favor of Trigger + TI + Prometrium | BFN
    11/26/2020 | Combo IUI (Clomid + Menopur) + Trigger + Prometrium | BFN
    12/20/2020 | Combo IUI (Clomid + Gonal-F) + Trigger | IUI Cancelled due to thin lining; TI only | BFN
    01/14/2021 | Combo IUI (Letrazole + Menopur) + Trigger | BFN
    02/06/2021 | Switched to a new RE (TEW) ; trying naturally until we complete additional testing 
    03/14/2021 | Hybrid Double IUI, with Zymot (Letrazole, Gonal-F) + Trigger + Endometrin | Ovulated 4 mature eggs but still a BFN ☹️
    04/07/2021 | Natural cycle while we regroup | BFN
    04/09/2021 | Employer announces fertility benefits starting 05/01/2021! | Search for a new doctor who accepts insurance
    05/10/2021 | New RE consult & plan for IVF
    05/13/2021 | Mid-luteal IVF cycle #1 interrupted; had to get cancer genetic screening done to make sure I didn't have the same SDHA gene mutation as MH. 
    06/10/2021 | Aygestin priming IVF cycle #1; opted to Cx after 9 days of stims since only 5-6/12 follicles responded
    07/26/2021 | Attempt #2 at IVF cycle #1 (mid-luteal start): 8 retrieved, 8 MII, 6 fert (1 PN3), 3 Day 5 & 6 blasts: 3AA, 3AA, 6AB; 3 euploid
    08/09/2021 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC | Shockingly, a BFP! EDD: 5/25/202 | CP at 4w4d
    09/23/2021 | IVF cycle #2 (mid-luteal start): 14 retrieved, 13 MII, 11 fert, 5 Day 5 & 6 blasts: 2 x 3AA, 2 x 3AB, 3BB; 2 euploid
    11/12/2021 | IVF cycle #3 (mid-luteal start): cancelled due to ovaries being on vacation
    12/20/2021 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + Pregmune Immunology Testing; BFN
    01/22/2022 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + understanding uncovered immunological issues; BFN
    02/18/2022 | Mock transfer cycle! ERA, ReceptivaDx, EMMA/ALICE; start Prednisone to address NK activity
    03/16/2022 | Final, "Hail Mary" super-ovulation + TI cycle before FET; BFP! EDD: 12/21/2022 | MMC 05/08/2022
    05/20/2022 | D&C; recovering... 
    06/21/2022 | Trying naturally until October 2022
    07/21/2022 | BFP! EDD 04/02/2023

  • @BusinessWife Yay for an all-clear SHG! And good to hear that you have time for the Synthroid to kick in before transfer. 

    @misspricklepants Hooray for spring break! So glad to hear that you have something fun & relaxing to do to help you heal from your loss.💕

    @gingermama29 Oh, that all sounds so lovely. Enjoy the rest of the nice weather!

    @acleverusername Good to hear that you’ll get to recupe (recoup?🙂) from the dog-sitting. What a relief to get the vaccine! I’ve been seriously considering it since we will be benched next month if this cycle isn’t successful. Hope your arm is feeling better & that your week continues to be low-stress! As far as my doses, they were low: I think because 1) it’s my first time doing medicated and 2) because I already have fairly high FSH so no need to blast my ovaries with too much. 5mg Letrozole & 75iu Follistim. Will find out the trigger dose & plan later today. 

    Month/Cycle: 34/??

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: Seriously feeling like @Clever’s twin here: Lots of vitamins & supps for DH & me, lots of meds for me. Hybrid IUI this week. 

    R/R: Rave: Got to the airport super early for my two doctor appointments today, so no travel stress. Looking forward to my monitoring appointment. Rant: Wasting hours in the airport isn’t fun. I tried to get on a much earlier flight but it was full so I just sat & watched it take off without me. 🤷‍♀️ 

    CS/Q: Just 2 little dots today...
  • @acleverusername *TW* loss
    My doctor wanted us to wait 2 months/cycles after my loss before we started actively trying again. I'm in my second cycle now and then we'll do Letrozole again. Yay for your first vaccine dose! I feel so much less anxious now that I'm fully vaccinated!

    @keikilove glad you don't have any travel stress but sorry you have to kill so much time at the airport. That's always the worst.
  • lurking from TWW and a day late from a busy work day but @misspricklepants i'm really sorry
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