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Product Spotlight: Cribs, bassinets, and sleeping surfaces


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  • Good to know @grogu! Yea we’re getting pressure from family to move into a bigger place or buy a house but we just don’t want to! Both my mom and MIL seemed disappointed about the mini crib because they want to see like a hooked up nursery they can buy decor for but San Diego is so so expensive, we’re just gonna keep it minimal as long as we can
  • I feel the pain of SD prices, @cocoliso13! We are in a 3-bedroom, 3-floor townhome, but two bedrooms are on the third floor, and one bedroom is on the first floor, which makes it unusable as an actual bedroom. I don't like not being close to my kids at night! We had every intention of moving to a house (and keeping our townhome as a rental) before having a third kid, but then prices got OUTRAGEOUS, so we're here for at least another year, maybe two. Which means we'll eventually have all three kids in one bedroom. It will be insane for a while, but we'll make do! The price we pay for perfect weather!
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  • That's amazing, so happy for you! Are you looking to go into academia? @cocoliso13
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  • @claireloSC I don’t know yet! My degree is going to be a professional doctorate, I’ll be a DACM, doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I’m already an acupuncturist so it won’t change my reality much yet, but I do get a pay bump at the hospital and its useful just in networking and with patients to have that Dr title unfortunately! I would love to teach at the college eventually but we’ll see. I’ve got some research and project opportunities coming up, of course everyone hits me up to start something around my due date!!
  • Ha, that's always the way @cocoliso13
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  • @cocoliso13 i've never heard of DACM! i wish we got some formal training in these areas in allopathic med schools, its so interesting! do you have any good resources?
  • Hey mama's of toddlers. Any thoughts on these 2 different types of beds? They're both cribs that convert from ikea. I think I like the idea of the one with the bumpers so they don't fall out, but not sure if there are any downsides. Having the extra storage would be great too. Thanks! 

  • @doodlemom131 love that second crib! So sweet! Having the rail and the added storage is very handy. 

    Ikea sells a crib guard separately, the Vikare or something like that, and you can also get ones from places like Babies R Us that can can be used on other beds as well. But going with the all-in-one crib would save that added step! 
  • Are the sizes the same of both cribs? The second looks like your baby might outgrow it a little sooner, but otherwise, don't see any reason not to go for it if you like it better.
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  • I am planning on keeping lo in our room till they are at least a year old I am thinking a bassinet , also I am confused about the lounger a couple of my friends are using for their nb the one I liked is mami baby and it says it's a co sleeper but Google says other wise I mean loungers are not safe for sleeping so I am still looking
  • @babygirl1812 I kept my first in the halo bassinet (bought off FB) for 3 to 4 mo. Depending on the size of the bassinet they outgrow it fairly quickly. Then she slept in the pack n play (big surface. Our PNP had the smaller infant insert but said it wasn't for sleep so we didn't use that) until she moved into her crib around 9 mo but you could probably move directly into a crib. This time my SIL gave us her mini crib so we will probably do the bassinet and then mini crib. 
  • Yes this is a good idea I will get a normal bassinet and then move them to crib.
  • I have the baby delight bedside sleeper that my little guy will sleep in the first few months until he outgrows it, then he will sleep in his crib in the nursery. The bassinet is huge though compared to the one I used for my daughter. Everything has changed so much the last 11 years lol 
  • Would love to hear any of the pros and cons you all have for keeping the baby in the room vs. straight to the nursery! I'm assuming the major advantage of keeping in-room is convenience, like just not having to walk far to grab them for night feedings/soothing etc.?
    Exactly this, that is my main reasoning for him sleeping in my room the first few months. But on top of the convenience factor, I am also very irrationally afraid of sids and want to be able to see him at all times throughout the night to be sure he’s okay. 
  • We also used the Rock n Play (RIP) with our first, but with the second I put him in the crib right from day 1. We had a bassinet from kid 1 (that he hated) that had this stupid little mattress that couldn’t possibly be comfortable, whereas the crib already has a comfortable (and infant-safe) mattress and it was in our room already anyway. Actually it still is 🙈 We’re going to have to figure out a bed situation that frees up the crib by August. Maybe 1 moves up to a twin bed and 2 gets his crib/converted toddler bed. 
  • I *think* we've figured out the sleep situation at our house. A mini crib in our bedroom for the first little while (at least six months, but probably closer to a year). Then baby will move into the room with the other two "big" kids. I've said this before, but we only have two available rooms (third room is on the first floor, and we're on the third, so that room isn't viable). We're getting bunk beds for the big kids with a trundle. Baby will stay in the mini crib until he/she outgrows it (I'm getting one that will accommodate up to two years old). Then baby will move onto the trundle. It's going to be chaos, but I am a HUGE proponent of room-sharing. My kids can sleep through ANYTHING because they have shared a room (either with their parents or sibling) since the get-go. 
  • @the_most_happy I don't know when you asked the pros and cons of room sharing, but it's recommended for safety. The recommendation is for the baby to room share for the first year of life to help prevent SIDS. My goal with DS was 6 months, but he was kicked out super early because him and DW are noisy sleepers and would wake each other up. 

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  • Late here but add me to the sad about rock and play recalls group.  I had a borrowed original arms reach co-sleeper for DD, and I think I’m going to go with another co sleeper then my cousin has a barely used crib she said I could use for after that.  I loved that the co-sleeper had pockets to organize things, and converted to a pack and play later. 

    I got a mini crib for DD that I still have- I chose it because it converts to a twin bed.  The cons for me were that DD was so long she outgrew the mini crib way too fast and I wasn’t ready to put her in a twin size “big girl bed” yet .  DDs dad and my current DH are both tall so I’m anticipating another long kid- but I’ll probably actually get the rails to use the mini crib as a twin bed now instead of letting it sit in storage. 

    I’m terms of in room sleep, @the_most_happy, it’s supposed to just be better for baby health wise.      Better sleep, better self-soothing, less nighttime wake ups, etc. On the other side of that though- babies can make a lot of noises so if baby keeps parent awake more than just the normal amounts it’s not really helping to have them in the room to anyone involved.  (Basically, everything @Kenneylynn3 said)
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  • @the_most_happy echoing what other said about the recommendation of room sharing. I’m in the same boat as @Kenneylynn3- it did not work for us for a lot of reasons but mostly because we’d wake each other up. Also, I felt like my anxiety was worse when DS was sleeping next to me. They make so much noise sleeping, and every little sound and squeak made me get up to check on him in the bassinet. We all slept much better when we moved him into his room (I want to say around 6 weeks, but I can’t remember.)

    If you don’t want to room share but want extra peace of mind I’ve heard good things about the Owlet monitor. It will alert you if baby stops breathing etc. 
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