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Middle name help!

Due with our first boy and I need some middle name advice before hubs and I and share the name with family. We settled on the name Bradley for a 1st (nn brad) and are debating Ocean as a middle name. Neither of us are fans of super basic middle names, but ocean is much more unique than I thought we'd ever go for, but Bradley Ocean is love for us right now! Opinions? Is it too "out there"? One of those things where it's fun and fine for a middle name? Big sisters are Violet Matilda and Nora Noelle if that helps. Our backup was Bradley Levi but my oldest isn't a fan at all so that's currently out. Thanks in advance!

Re: Middle name help!

  • Ocean is too out there for me, but it’s not completely wild. I might suggest Oisin especially if you have any Irish heritage as it has a similar look and pronunciation not so far off “Osheen.” 
  • Perhaps a name that means Ocean? Kai means ocean or sea in Hawaiian. For some reason I immediately think of Brad Pitt in the Ocean’s 11 movies.
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  • My husband is irish! I'll look into that, thanks!
  • Kai is my old bosses son name, random I love that name idea but hated her so I cant do it lol! And man somehow I didnt even think of brad Pitt in oceans 11, I did like that movie maybe that's how it subconsciously snuck in. I don't think those will be a teasing issue in 10 years but definitely something to think about, thank you!
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    @AndieTessie Kai was just an example, there are probably hundreds of names that have an oceanic meaning.
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  • Muirín - Irish name meaning "born of the sea"
  • So Ocean is pretty out there BUT I think you get some grace with middle names. I'd probably go for it.  :)
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