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Second baby blues / mom guilt

I’ve been feeling sort of sorry for DS. He seems really excited for the new baby but I also fear he might feel overwhelmed and jealous; relegated to second place. Anybody else? 
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Re: Second baby blues / mom guilt

  • DD has been salty ever since we found out we're having a boy. It really hurts my heart that she's not happy... but I'm really hoping she'll warm up once he gets here. @redselig what will the age gap be for your kiddos?
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  • I totally have these moments of sadness for DD 20 just a realization that her whole world and experience as an only child is going to be turned completely upside down 🥺. 
    Overall though, I just remind myself that we'll move through this transition together and ultimately I know she'll love having a sister. 

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  • I’m having the worst mom guilt. It’s so bad our 2.5 year old has been co-sleeping with us again 🤦🏼‍♀️ He comes in halfway through the night to cuddle and I just can’t say no to him because I think to myself “these are the last moments with just him.” I have no idea what we’re going to do when baby’s here and nursing through the night. 
  • @princessjenney it’ll be 5 years if the expected due date is correct. DS’ birthday is on the 30th and baby’s is on the 29th. 

    @sunny_native14 Same. I am reminding myself everyday how much he is going to love having a sibling to play with.

    @jfcmomoftwo I’ve noticed this behaviour too. I always let him sleep in our bed and am just crossing fingers that it’s temporary. And he never wants to go anywhere without me. 

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  • Yes, having lots of mixed feelings. Our daughter doesn’t understand what’s happening/going to change. They will be about 22 months apart. I’m also really not looking forward to being away from her while at the hospital.
  • Yessss I’ve been having a lot of feelings too! She says she’s excited but I’m afraid she doesn’t know what’s coming. I bought some books so we could talk a little about being a big sister and how sometimes my time and attention will have to be divided but she never wants to read those with me 😂.  She has also been in our bed in the middle of the night a lot lately and I’m trying so hard to break her out of that before the baby comes so she doesn’t feel like the baby kicked her out of our room. And of course it doesn’t help that half the time I’m too tired to play with her the way I used to... Sigh, I don’t know.  I love my siblings but I’m the youngest so I never had to make any kind of transition. I’m just hoping they can develop a good relationship and we all make it through the transition 😬
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  • I totally hear you, mommas, but our kiddos are so much more resilient and adaptable than we give them credit for! I had all the same feelings when we brought our second home. It did take a couple months to transition and settle into our new normal but our oldest has had nothing but love and gratitude for his little brother ever since. ❤
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