TTC After a Loss

Trying after D&C

I am devastated to be going through my 2nd consecutive miscarriage. My first was at right before 6 weeks, just a gestational sac, and passed naturally over a few weeks (3-4) at home. 
We fell pregnant soon after. Sadly, I found out this week the growth stopped at 6 weeks 1 day, I was supposed to be 7 weeks, no heartbeat.  I have a D&C scheduled for tomorrow.
We will be waiting until after my first cycle to TTC per the Dr.orders. My question is how quickly did your cycle return following a D&C? Those who have unfortunately been through both types, did your cycle return faster after a D&C, or about the same?
Any input, shared experience would be much appreciated.
Thank you. 

Re: Trying after D&C

  • My cycle came back faster when I miscarried naturally (but I was only 5 weeks) then when I had a d&c. (It took 4-6 weeks, but I was 10 weeks pregnant). 

    Good luck my dear. 
  • I had my first miscarriage and D&C last month. I had a missed MC so I thought I was 9W (on December 4th) but lost the baby around 6. While it started to pass naturally a few days later not everything came out so I still had the procedure on December 9th. I got my period back Jan 2nd, so it took a little over three weeks from the D&C. Hope that helps!
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