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Asherman's Syndrome or "normal" symptoms?

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Not sure if this is a discussion or question -

Had a miscarriage around week 10 and found out baby stopped developing around week 8. We opted for a d&c mostly for peace of mind but now I'm worried it's caused the opposite.

Finally had 1st period 8+ weeks after d&c. It was about 3 days of spotting, mostly rusty brown blood. Dr said don't worry yet. My 2nd period has just started, on time and in line with my past cycles, but I'm seeing the same dark brown and rusty blood. Also noticing that my cramps are way worse than they've ever been (1st & 2nd cycle) and going to the bathroom is painful (feeling pressure combined with some constipation).

Am I going crazy?  I notice others concerned with lengths of cycle post MC, but I'm curious about experience with the actual menstruation. Was the bleeding the same as pre-MC after the 1st post-MC cycle? Some of my symptoms seem like it could be Asherman's Syndrome. How many cycles before I visit the OB to find out? 

Re: Asherman's Syndrome or "normal" symptoms?

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    @can_pad I'm sorry for your loss.  Unfortunately, the only normal after a MC is that there is no normal.  You can have completely different symptoms, cycles, etc.  You can experience things you've never experienced before.  Also, it can take 6-12 months for your body and cycles to regulate out to a 'new normal' after MC as well.

    Personally, I have had 5 MCs, and my body has changed after practically every one of them (whether I had a D&C or natural MC). I've had cycles afterward my MC (usually one of the first few) where it was almost at the level of having the MC itself.  I also had some cycles after my MC where I barely had any bleeding at all, almost just several days of heavy spotting and that was it.  I've had some of the most awful cramps since having my MCs as well.  I also felt ovulation cramps for the first time in my life after my first MC, which was super odd for me. As for the constipation type issues, definitely a thing.  I swear the whole abdominal area is just a mess after MC.  

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