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TWW Monday 11/16

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 




Typical LP length: 




Re: TWW Monday 11/16

  • Month/Cycle: 24/26

    CD/DPO: 24/9

    Timing: -3, -1, O

    Typical LP length: 12 

    Testing: I think Thursday 

    R/R: I had to go get a biometric screening for our health insurance this morning and my BP was high and it’s never high. I don’t think it actually affects anything for our insurance we just get a credit to our deductible for doing it. But it’s still annoying. I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on that. Otherwise I’m happy that I’m up, dressed, and ready for the day! I have a couple of quick errands to run so I’m going to take care of those before starting my work day. Feeling pretty good on this Monday morning!


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  • @bows22 If it was just one high BP I wouldn’t worry at all. If you were my patient, I would just say to keep a log of BP at home and send it in about 2 weeks. I’m also quite impressed that you are already up, dressed, and running errands! I’m still in a robe on the couch sipping coffee and procrastinating. 

    Month/Cycle: 11/4 AL

    CD/DPO: 20/5 (I decided to just go with CD15 for O so I don’t test too early) 

    Timing: -4, -3, -1

    Typical LP length: 13 days 

    Testing: No sooner than 11 DPO/Sunday

    R/R: This weekend was nice, other than being too short. I have an appointment to pick new glasses today and I am weirdly excited about it. I like having options to wear so I hope my prescription didn’t change this year. I think I want to get some fun colors. 

    CS/Q: Temp I put in for CD15 isn’t real. I fudged it because I didn’t temp when I first woke up, and even discarding it, it puts my CH on CD16 which I think isn’t accurate. 

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  • @bows22 sometimes I get random high BP readings if I’m anxious or if I just walked up the flight of stairs within 10 minutes of my BP being read. I wouldn’t worry to much about it!
    @fitzfizz I’m jealous of your ability to wear glasses. I get massive headaches if I wear my glasses too long because of how bad my prescription is.

    I can’t believe I’m on this side of things already! 

    Month/Cycle: 6/6

    CD/DPO: 16/1 or 2, thinking 1 based on symptoms but temps might suggest 2.

    Timing: -2, O if 1 dpo, -1, +1 if 2dpo

    Typical LP length: 12 days

    Testing: 11/25

    R/R: We got family pictures done this weekend for Christmas cards and got the proofs back same day! So I ordered those Saturday night. Yesterday was a really hard emotions day for me and I broke down crying after DTD, which I’ve never done before. I hid it from DH because I just didn’t want to talk about it, so I’m airing it out here. ❤️ My TTC TikTok account also gained over 75 followers this weekend and I like having that outlet for sharing this journey and providing that support for others trying.  

    CS/Q: Looks good to me. ❤️

    TTGP October Siggy Challenge - Pets in Costumes

    TTC History

    Me: 26 DH: 26

    TTC #1 | June '18-August '18 | DD | Born April 21, 2019 | Due May 10, 2019 | May '19 BMB

    TTC#2 | June '20-Present

  • paytonpedropaytonpedro member
    edited November 2020

    @bows22 bummer about your bp being high. mine is always low, and I’ve been nervous during appts which makes it sky rocket. but they’ll usually take it again closer to the end of my appointment and it goes down. Hopefully yours was nothing to worry about. Yay for starting your day off on the right foot! I’m still in bed.

    @fitzfizz New glasses sound fun to me! Lol. But I also like choices with accessories like that too. 

    Month/Cycle: 2

    CD/DPO: 20/ we’ll go with 5....

    Timing: -3,-1,0

    Typical LP length: 11 days

    Testing: when I’m late, so on or after 23rd/24th. (Had to edit because I must have been looking at October and got dates wrong)

    R/R: We got a crazy storm last night with insane winds. It knocked our power out around 6:45 and it didn’t come back on until 1am. Branches fell off trees, power poles were blown over, it was crazy. One large branch fell on our neighbors car hood, but we were lucky with no damage. I had to light all our candles so our house smelled like cupcakes, blankets, sweet tea, summer, and autumn. Lol. Good thing our heat and hot water are both gas, so we were warm and got to take a hot shower. 

    Funny part to that is we ordered pizza and wings for dinner, it gets delivered, mh brings it in the house, sets it on the table, we open the box, and the lights go out  🤣🤣 I’m like what the hell?! 

    CS/Q: I moved over here too late because I (still) don’t believe my data. I’m not convinced. I decided to take everyone’s advice and plugged all my numbers and opks into fertility friend and it gave me this:

  • @fitzfizz I need to make a real physical appt (this was just at quest) so I’m going to do that and hopefully it will be better there. I was really warm, not sure if that makes a difference but maybe I was anxious about how warm I was? Who knows. Have fun picking out new glasses! I always think the same, that if my prescription doesn’t change that I will get something fun but it always seems to change slightly. I hope yours doesn’t!

    @chindimples04 it’s probably all the covid anxiety I’m carrying around. That’s awesome about your TikTok account. I don’t have the app but I may download it just so I can follow it. I’m sorry you had a rough day yesterday, I hope that crying and letting out some of those emotions helped a little. 
  • @chindimples04 I think you posted while I was so I missed you. So awesome about your Tiktok! Sometimes a good cry can just make you feel so much better, I hope it did for you. I hide from dh sometimes too just because I know talking about it will make me cry harder. Your chart is literally picture perfect, still!!!
  • Month/Cycle: 5/ 2 AL

    CD/DPO: 24/11

    Timing: O

    Typical LP length: 14

    Testing: tomorrow?

    R/R: it has been super windy for the past week. Today it's finally warm and the wind seems to have died down. Hopefully I can get outside today.

    CS/Q: nothing new

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  • @bows22 sounds like a good and productive start to your morning besides the high BP. Hope it's nothing.

    @fitzfizz hope your script hasn't changed so you can get a different set to have choices. I am like @chindimples04 where my sight is so bad I get a headache from wearing glasses for too long.

    @chindimples04 I'm sorry this journey is not turning out how you wanted. I'm glad your tiktok has given you another outlet. Your chart looks good!

    @paytonpedro so glad you don't have any damage from the storm!

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  • @paytonpedro I wonder if you live near me, we had a storm too and a lot of people are without power. Luckily we were spared. As far as your chart, I’m glad you entered your data into FF because I can not read those premom charts. FF’s O date looks right to me. 

    @Kenneylynn3 I hope you can get outside! It’s nice out here so I’m going to take the dog for a short walk. GL testing tomorrow if you do!
  • @bows22  I’m in NYS. Closer to Buffalo. Judging by the football we got to watch (before our power went out with just a couple minutes left of the game 😩) it came across Lake Erie from Ohio because they mentioned it during the browns game. I’ll just go with what FF is saying. My temps just look so weird and like I mentioned before, I feel like I could have been getting my ovulation wrong for months just using bbt. 

    @Kenneylynn3 I’m glad your weather is better! 
  • I’ve tried posting a couple times but I get distracted! 

    Month/Cycle: 5/5  

    CD/DPO: 22/8

    Timing: good

    Typical LP length: 14d

    Testing: maybe Thursday

    R/R: The hospital where I work is full. It’s not worse than a normal flu season, but covid keeps taking out the staff making it hard. 

    CS/Q: I never started temping this cycle because #lazy and I forgot every day. 

    @[email protected] If BPs are high at the beginning of the visit and it’s abnormal, I usually wait 15 min or so and a lot of times it’s back down. 

    @[email protected] That’s so cool about a TikTok! 

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  • @bows22 chiming in to agree that one high measure is probably just a fluke!

    @fitzfizz have you tried for glasses? I get 90% of my glasses there, the low prices let me have a much bigger variety of pairs at home.

    @chindimples04 ngl the bounce shape of your temps is very oddly satisfying. 

    @paytonpedro that line blew through here too, it even briefly had a tornado warning about 25 miles from me! Luckily it didnt do too much damage here. We're all stormed out after the tropical storm in August. 

    @Kenneylynn3 i hope you were able to get outside!

    @emmylou78 i hope things ease up on you guys soon

    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD/DPO: 39/6

    Timing: O-1

    Typical LP length: ???

    Testing: not for at least a week

    R/R: had my physics test this morning, now the rest of my week schoolwise is much lighter, for a change.

    CS/Q: realized adding the comforter to the bed may have been a bad idea temp wise since i was a full .2 degrees warmer this am. Going to have to rethink blankets. No pic bc I'm on my phone.

  • @emmylou78 stay healthy! Do you usually see a lot of flu cases this early?

    @fantasyflyte I struggled with blankets so much when I temped! I never figured out the secret haha 
  • @bows22 Thanks! Yea, flu starts around September. I don’t think we’ve seen it too much though this year, but it’s likely over scored by covid anyway. 
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