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It's a......? (Girl? Boy? Velociraptor?)


Re: It's a......? (Girl? Boy? Velociraptor?)

  • @lilnessi I'm so sorry. Just feel whatever feelings you're having, it's perfectly normal and ok  <3
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  • @texas_t thanks im starting to feel a little better about it now 
    @yellingbanana yeah before we had our third and we thought she would be our last we looked into in vitro but since i was older i didnt want to spend so much money if half of my eggs wouldn't be viable.  I also grew up with all sisters and it was great, we told our girls today and they are over the moon, they really wanted another sister, but part of me will always feel a little loss at never getting to raise a son. 

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  • @brynn_mamaof4 it’s actually pretty eerie, I’ve never had this happen before and I’ve done a bump group with 2, 3, and now 4! Lol! 

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  • @mimser congrats! 

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