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Who has bled/passed clots throughout their pregnancy and been fine?

I am 17 weeks now and have had 3 ER visits, 2 within the last two weeks, for having period-like blood along with clots ranging from the small to the size of a silver dollar. Every time, go in, check baby. Heartbeat is fine. No UTI. No infection. Go home after 4-5 hours. Nothing on ultrasound shows anything wrong with the placenta, baby is measuring fine, can't see any subchorionic bleeding. Cervix did present with some cysts, but doctor said that would only lead to some spotting and not this red, heavy blood flow (drips into toilet) nor the clots/tissue. I'm frustrated there are no answers, relieved that baby keeps being ok, but worried something is wrong and I don't know what. The last ER doctor said "some women just bleed", any other women out there who bled throughout their pregnancy, or having similar issues now? Google gives me zero results on normal pregnancy bleeding, but all other possibilities, conditions, and issues have been ruled out.
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