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Chemical Pregnancy, Still Pregnant

Hi Everyone! I’m new on The Bump but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone could help me..

So August the 8th or 9th I started having spotting and cramps, my period at that point wasn’t due for another 5 to 6 days. I took a home test and showed a very faint positive. 

August 10th, I informed my OB/GYN about what had happened over the weekend. She ordered a blood hcg for me to do, I had been put on letrezole alone to make me ovulate and so she had been in charge of my care. My blood came back and my levels were only at an 8 and she informed me that I was having a chemical pregnancy. 

August 12th that level was repeated and my bleeding had at that time picked up and I had a full on period, my levels came back still an 8 so I assumed she was right and I was miscarrying. 

I bled heavily with clots and terrible cramping for 6 days and then stopped bleeding for two days.

Then this last week on August 20th, I took another home test to make sure I was back to 0 and it came out a strong BFP, spotting and cramping had started again. I went to the ER where they performed another blood hcg and this time it was a 70. They also did an ultrasound but said it is too early to see anything, but ruled out ectopic.

I will be going tomorrow to get a repeat, cramping is still present and I’m having major back pain. No bleeding or spotting.

I just wanna know if this has happened to anyone before and what your input might be.

Thank you all and God bless <3

Re: Chemical Pregnancy, Still Pregnant

  • I am guessing a vanishing twin. 
    Me: 45yo, DH: 47yo
    3 Daughters (singleton @27yo, ID  Di/Di Twins @34yo)
    Protein S Deficiency (Blood Clotting Disorder), MTHFR & VIT D issue 
    5 MC's:  Blighted Ovum-D&C @ 9wks;  Natural MC @ 7wks; Blighted Ovum-D&C @ 9wks; MC boy-D&C @ 9wks & Chem PG in 2019
    Tubes were tied after my Twins (and now I am old). Remarried and want to give my DH a baby!

    IVF#1 OE June 2019 - ER 6/15/19, 24R, 21M, 20F, 7 6DBlasts Frozen for PGS Testing,
    RESULTS of PGS 4 abnormal girls,  2 abnormal boys, 1 indeterminate girl
    FET#1 OE August 23, 2019 (transferring 1 indeterminate girl & 1 abnormal boy) - BFN
    IVF#2 November 15, 2019 - ER 9R, 9M, 6F, 2 5dBlasts (fresh transfer) and 1 6DBlast frozen for PGS Testing,
    FRESH Transfer: November 20, 2019, 2 5-day blasts transferred!! 
    BFP 8dp5dt on 11/27 - 12/2 on FRER, BETA #1 12/2 - 11.93. BETA #2 12/4: 4.41 ~CHEMICAL PG
    ******************Starting Donor Process
    June 2020: Egg Donor Cycle and Fresh Transfer of 1 embryo in Czech Republic - CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19
    October 2020.  Split Cycle at UFC with a friend (Andrea) I met on the Bump who was also supposed to go to Prague too  
    DE Retrieval 9/26/2020, 26R, 24M, 12 split Cycle, 9 Fertilized + 1 "questionable", PRAYING FOR AT LEAST 5 BLASTS
    10/1/2020: 4 5DBlasts (AA, BB, BC, BC), 10/2/2020: 3 6DBlasts (BB, BB, BC) FOR A TOTAL OF: 7 BLASTS!! THANK YOU GOD!!
    DE FET November 16th, 2020 (transferring an PGS normal Hatching AA Boy)
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