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Breast pump announcement/ discussion

I hope this isn't inappropriate and I'm sure you guys have it planned as a product spotlight but I wanted to share something very exciting. After 25 years medela is releasing a new pump in style advance insurance covered pump. It is going to be released in Septemberand is available for preorder. I went through aeroflow breast pump website and they did everything for me. I told them where I live my insurance and they got to large list of pumps available to me by insurance and they even reached out to my doctor for the breast pump prescription. Took less than half a day to get it all set. Also yummymummy is a great site for the breast pump situation. This is baby three and I learned with number two that the durable medical device place your insurance may refer you to may not be the place that has the best options for you. With my daughter the place didn't even offer the pump in style and I knew it should have which is how I found yummymummy. Recently I saw the new advertisement for the new pisa and asked the people in medela where itll be available and they said aeroflow. Either way whatever you choose I found my options were so large with aeroflow. It's not too early to order/ look at options either if your a planner like me. 

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