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Virtual Baby Shower

My mom is already talking about the baby shower and would like ideas for how to do it virtually. Have any of you been to a virtual one or have thoughts of doing your own shower virtually?

I've been to two. My impression for both of them was that it was nice to keep it short (30-40m) and it was good that they didn't do the gift opening on the call. They both focused on baby games and one had a slide show of the parents when they were babies. Both also had ample opportunity to converse with the parents/mother about pregnancy and plans for the baby. One was a work baby shower (with only coworkers), but the other had both parents on the call as well as male and female attendees. My family traditionally only has women at the baby shower, but I thought since everyone is at home with their partner anyway, it was nice to open it up to everyone. My mom is thinking about mailing everyone out some items for baby games prior to the call so that it's more interactive and replicates an in-person shower. Sounds involving, but kind of sweet. 

Please share your thoughts!

Re: Virtual Baby Shower

  • Love these ideas! I have 2 virtual baby showers in the works (Oct) my family is in FL and hubby’s is in SC! 
    My MiL told me if you have a professional zoom account (or pay) it can go for longer if you’re into that. I like the idea of not opening gifts. I’m registered at “my registry” and we’ve been doing trial purchases to see how it’ll work for everyone and it kinda shows already who bought what 🙈
    do the “baby” game where whoever says baby loses (maybe send out pacifier necklaces)
    & my MiL also told me her gf tried a scavenger hunt on zoom bb shower and it was a mess- trying to rope everyone back and understand what was happening was non existent so maybe steer clear of that!
    keep the ideas flowing! 💙

  • I hosted a virtual shower for my sister in June and it ended up being really nice. We sent out paper invites with a cute picture and the zoom link (and registry info lol) and people really liked that. Made it feel more legit. I also made a Facebook invite with the link and posted step by step instructions for some of our less techy guests. Tried a game and it fell flat- people really just wanted to chat, especially since no one had seen each other in so long. It was maybe 20 people and almost all family so it was pretty informal. Also she registered on Amazon so it was super easy for people to send gifts- she opened them/ showed them- the older guests I think would have gotten a little huffy if she didn't lol. Overall it was more fun and less awkward than I thought it would be!
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  • My sister used for her virtual shower a month or so ago and it was super easy. You have to pay for it but the prices are surprisingly reasonable. She had her registries attached to it so everyone could just click which one they wanted to add to and it would take them to it. They have their own email service too so its like having everything she needed set up already and she just added her information for everything and they even have some really cute themes to customize the invites and site with or you can even add your own which I thought was super cool.
  • One game I really enjoyed on a virtual shower was guess the children's book based on emojis 
  • I've been to a couple of virtual showers and we opened gifts at both. I would definitely not be a fan if I was the one the shower was for haha. It just made it go on a little longer than necessary. The games actually went over well and people participated.

    I have one virtual one for work and I mentioned it in another thread, but my friends are throwing me a hybrid shower. They're doing an outdoor firepit with a 'drive-by' kind of atmosphere so that people can drop off gifts if they would like and visit from a distance and they'll have favors/treats for anyone that stops by. They're also setting up a zoom link for anyone out of the area or anyone who just doesn't want to come person to be able to say hi for a bit. I have a feeling my work one that is completely virtual will involve games and gift opening. I'm totally dragging the H into this to make it not feel as awkward.
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