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Baby safe beauty products!

Are there any products you have discontinued using or your OB has suggested you discontinue? Any products you love that are considered pregnancy safe?

I traded out my retinol and daily sunscreen/moisturizer with baby safe BeautyCounter products before getting pregnant. I’m thinking there are other products I should reconsider using as well... dry shampoo? Overtone conditioner? What are y’all using?

Re: Baby safe beauty products!

  • I’m still planning to get my hair colored every 10 weeks as I have been. However, I‘m skipping my Brazilian blowouts until after baby arrives. I don’t use any products that have actives like retinal in them. So I’m just sticking with the same brands of skincare I already use. My push present to myself is going to be Botox 🤣
  • I'm searching through my products today trying to make sure everything is safe. I'm so new to looking at the ingredients on beauty and bath products that I'm struggling a little bit. For my bath products, I always try to aim for the "clean" or more natural brands, but I keep hearing that essential oils aren't considered safe for pregnancy and I know a lot of the natural products like that use essential oils for fragrance instead of a synthetic fragrance. So that's throwing me off, too. Trying not to over think it and just do the best I can, but wow, there's so many things we're told to stay away from, it makes it seems so difficult to choose the "right" products!
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  • @annanbby has really excellent, comprehensive lists of pregnancy safe beauty products from almost every single beauty brand. She does it by brand, so I usually google “*brand name* pregnancy safe products” and it’s usually the first search that comes up. I then scroll through the list to find what product I’m looking for. 
  • @jfcmomoftwo ah so good to know! I’ll look into that for sure. Thank you!
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