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Graphic image: possible miscarriage

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We were trying to get pregnant but also trying not to obsess over if it was happening/not happening. My period was late but we wanted to wait until it was at least 2 months late before taking a test to avoid stressing ourselves out. But then six weeks from the initial intercourse, I'm spottig and assumed it was my period. For the record, my period is always on time, never more than a few hours and I never have blood clots. I'm spotting for a few days and then find this (see image below in comments) in my diva cup.

I need some other opinions: did I miscarry? Was I never pregnant? With covid-19 I didn't initially want to go to the doctor for a follow up and now it's probably too late to determine with bloodwork.

Re: Graphic image: possible miscarriage

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    Blood clots during your period are completely normal.  (Remember that your cycles are normal until they are not. It can always happen, even if it doesn't 'usually' happen.)  If you do not have a positive pregnancy test, then the assumption should be that your period was just late for whatever reason, NOT that you had a miscarriage.  If you believe despite this that you ARE having a miscarriage, then you need to call your doctor ASAP and get a blood draw to determine IF you have HCG levels (only way at this point to know you are/were pregnant). 

    If you do nothing or have HCG levels at 5 or below, it was not pregnancy.  If you get blood drawn and the hcg level is above 5, then you were/are pregnant.  If there is a chance of pregnancy, I'd go the second option because you can bleed/spot/clot and still be positively pregnant and will need to be monitored.  Also, if you were/are pregnant but are having a MC, they would need to take bloodwork every few days to determine that your hcg levels are going down, which is VITAL to making sure you don't have any miscarriage complications that could cause problems with your health/future fertility.  

    Good luck!

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