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Unplanned pregnancy after chemotherapy

Hi all - my fiance and I were very surprised to find out that we are pregnant (about 6 weeks)... this was unplanned. We likely conceived one week after receiving his first (3 day) infusion of chemotherapy (AIM regimen). Needless to say, we are very panicked about the potential for birth defects, etc. We are meeting with doctors to assess the risks - it seems as though the risks may be small, but they really don't know as there isn't a lot of long-term data out there on this.

Since I am 40, I feel like my timeline for having kids is obviously nerve-wrecking. But I did freeze eggs a few years ago and he has frozen sperm, so I would like to think this was not my one and done chance of having a kid if we feel it is too risky. Also, we obviously are concerned about the timing given he just started chemo and the future for his health is really uncertain.

I thought I would write in here to see if anyone has experienced anything like this, or if anyone had thoughts.

Thank you!

Re: Unplanned pregnancy after chemotherapy

  • @doodleoodle thank you so much for your reply - I appreciate it!! <3
    [Deleted User]doodleoodle
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