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Ten Things Tuesday 6.23

What 10 things are you feeling gratitude towards today? 

Re: Ten Things Tuesday 6.23

  • Ok, I’ll go.😊
    1) DH for doing EVERYTHING around the house & fixing all meals while I work like a maniac on this computer all hours of the day & night. 
    2) You lovely TTGP ladies💗
    3) The interwebs
    4) Beautiful weather
    5) The power of abundance thinking
    6) Finding pennies on the ground, reminding me that the Universe is always looking out for me🌞
    7) Working from home
    8) Improving health
    9) Losing weight
    10) A SWEET dream I had last night of being pregnant & easily delivering a beautiful baby girl. I woke up feeling completely assured that this is going to happen❤️❤️❤️

  • kvh22kvh22 member
    1. The health of our family, especially in these times
    2. The knowledge and support of all of you here on TTGP
    3. Social interaction with good friends via the internet (Zoom, FB, etc.)
    4. Summer weather
    5. The convenience of online shopping/groceries
    6. Not sitting in traffic!
    7. Working in an industry that hasn't been effected by COVID
    8. Fancy coffee drinks I can make at home (even if they're decaf)
    9. Working from home with DH bringing us closer together
    10. Living close to so many amazing places to visit and for the veryyy slow opening of outdoor activities

    @keikilove That sounds like an awesome dream! Hopefully foreshadowing <3

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