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Faint positive?

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I’ve taken a bunch of pregnancy test on all my clear blue I get very faint positives it’s hard to get pictures kinda faint but DH says he sees it too I took a first response test and it was negative. I’m early my period is due In 2 days but I’ve been feeling nauseous so I took some test. Do you ladies think I’m too early and that’s why the first response was negative and all these are faint? Or am I just hoping to be pregnant so bad that these are not positive 

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Re: Faint positive?

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    @rose208 you are posting this on the wrong board.  
    Please review the board guidelines in the pinned threads at the top of the board. 

    Am I pregnant?

    First thing: it is against the forum rules to ask if you are pregnant (straight forward or in a round about way) and to post pictures of HPTs asking about lines. A line is a line=pregnant. The only place you can post your HPT is What Does A Positive Test Look Like in First Tri. If you are looking for a success story, the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Trimester; Pregnant After Infertility or Pregnant After Loss boards are best suited for your question. We can not tell you if you are pregnant, so please don't ask. Take a test, if it's negative, lurk some more and get to know the community. If it's positive, congratulations, please move on to your BMB or First Tri and participate there.

    The number one rule of this board is to lurk. Lurk and lurk some more. Please refrain from creating a new thread to ask any questions that have been asked recently. If you have a question regarding your cycle or chart, please ask in the Waiting To Ovulate (WTO) or Two Week Wait (TWW) threads.

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