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So confused

We've had the worst experience with this pregnancy...
I found out I was pregnant probably the earliest I could've tested.  I experienced light implantation bleeding that day and haven't had any issues since. 

Bc of the bleeding, my OBGYN started watching hcg which was good rise and at great levels for where I was at in the pregnancy. One day my levels didn't double exactly and a midwife who isn't my usual doc called and said it concerned her and I was a threatened miscarriage. The following day MY doctor called and told me he wasn't worried about the doubling and scheduled an ultrasound bc I was 6 weeks.

 During ultrasound we determined I was only 4 weeks based on measurements but we saw an empty sac. We only saw the ultrasound tech and she barely said anything. I was scared it was a blighted ovum. We waited 10 days for another ultrasound.

2nd ultrasound a 10 days later showed 2 healthy but empty sacs shocked we prepared ourselves emotionally for twins. 

10 days later the another ultrasound showed only 1 sac growing appropriately, we adjusted our minds again, now for 1 baby. Doctor said he was confident there was an 80% chance for a healthy baby. We saw a yolk sac. We went home confident and happy. 

 A week later another ultrasound and the now the "good" sac grew a week - but was showing floating blood and debris inside. I believe yolk sac was still there but we didnt see fetal pole or heartbeat at this time. Again ultrasound tech said nothing. I was dated to be 6w2d. My doctor came in and told us 95% chance I'm miscarrying both. He asked if we would miscarry naturally or with intervention and I would prefer a D&C . To which the doctor said he wants to scan again this coming Wednesday and be 100% before we plan anything. I'm NOT bleeding, spotting or cramping. My doctor seemed pretty confused by all of this - as am I. Ultrasound set for me when I'll be 7 weeks.

Is there any hope that this pregnancy will be ok? Was the blood in gestational sac and subcronhic bleed? Was it my body absorbing the other twin? Anybody have similar experience? I'm just not sure anymore what i think. I trusted my doctor with good news and 7 days later he crushed us with bad news, which unknown isn't his fault. This whole time he's been unable to give us any solid answers bc every scenario has been a disaster with out of the normal circumstances. 

I just don't feel like this is "over" but at the same time I'm very at peace with the outcome ending in miscarriage. I'm just confused and we've been doing this up and down for 8 weeks now. Its exhausting and honestly I just want to be happy one way or the other and have some definite answers. 

Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Re: So confused

  • @krn0405 I'm sure you have some answers by now since it's been a week since you posted this, but I wanted to say I'm sorry for the emotional rollercoaster you've been on. My first loss was good news, then bad news, then good news etc so I understand. Hoping everything worked out for you. Hugs
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