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Trying to conceive, used opk

So my hubby and I did the deed about 12 hrs after our positive opk, I’m wondering if I’m too late? It’s only been 7dpo and my test have been negative, I’m just so nervous thinking I might have been too late. Can anyone tell me if was too late? I got a positive at 8:30pm and did the deed at 7:30 following morning. 

Re: Trying to conceive, used opk

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    Hi @Jacqueline.Lucero4 Welcome to TTGP!

    This board operates a bit differently than some of the other boards on The Bump and other sites in general. First of all, we generally discourage one-off posts, as it helps keep the board organized and less cluttered. Take a few minutes and read through the pinned posts at the top of the board, it will give you some guidance as to how we operate.

    Once you look through that, you can go ahead and introduce yourself in the weekly Newbie thread. Also, my best advice here is to just start lurking! Read through our daily threads and questions threads, you'll get a lot of great information. 

    To answer your question specifically, I would definitely recommend a deeper dive into a resource like Taking Charge of Your Fertility - in general, a positive OPK indicates that ovulation will occur within 24-48 hours, I wouldn't be too concerned about missing it within 12 hours of the test. I would also caution you that 7dpo is far far too early to test, as @ashaislurking mentioned. An embryo will not even implant until 8-9dpo, so any result before that time would not be accurate. 

    Good luck! 

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