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Miscarriage induced by iron supplement?


I just had a miscarriage at week 9 and a half. On the ultrasound that detected no heartbeat the baby supposedly looked more like 7 weeks and a half. Meaning, it had started to struggle about 2 weeks before it died.

It was my third pregnancy but the first during which I took an iron supplement. I've done a whole lot of googling and found some scientific papers that cite foetal malformations after iron supplementation during organogenesis (in mice).

Organogenesis in humans is weeks 3-8.

That's when I was taking iron. I took one pill every few days because I was getting out of breath when climbing stairs. One pill of 304mg ferrous fumarate which is supposedly equivalent to 100mg elemental iron(?).

I am thinking that I killed my baby with this.

Hence I'd like to ask everyone here:

Has anyone taken a similar amount of iron during the first trimester (weeks 3-8, in particular) and can tell me what happened? Did you go on to have a healthy baby or a miscarriage or a baby with malformations?

Thank you so much for taking time to talk about this.

Re: Miscarriage induced by iron supplement?

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    Unless they did testing on the fetal remains to determine the cause of the MC, you will do nothing but worry yourself with endless questions about what MIGHT have caused it.  Also, unless you get testing to determine if/what you need to take for future PGs, then again, you will do nothing but worry the whole time. 

    The reality is that these things happen, and sometimes there's a reason.  Sometimes there is no reason, as it seems that medical science has not caught up to the point that they know all the reasons MCs happen.  I've had 5 PGs, and they've all resulted in MC.  I took prenatal vitamins throughout the first four of them.  I had given up hope and stopped taking the depressing vitamins before my last PG. The baby progressed BEAUTIFULLY. At a few days shy of 7 weeks, I started taking prenatal vitamins in the morning, and that's the evening that I ended up in the ER having my 5th MC.  Did prenatal vitamins kill my baby?  Doubtful.  But these are the places the mind goes. Do NOT beat yourself up over it and stop googling it!

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    Thank you for your message. Do I understand correctly: You had 4 pregnancies during which you took vitamins and all ended in miscarriage and then a fifth pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage shortly after you started taking vitamins again?

    May I ask: Are you planning on taking the vitamins during your 6th pregnancy?
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    glmuelle  Yes. Correct.  But the amount of time between when I took the vitamin and when the baby died for the 5th MC makes it so that it couldn't possibly have been the vitamins.  Plus, I took different types of prenatal vitamins throughout my various PGs (folate vs. folic acid, etc.). I have unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss, despite panels and panels of tests.  So it's frustrating. At the moment I have an IUD and am unsure if I would mentally survive another loss, so not sure if we are going to try again or not. 

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    Fistly sorry for your loss, What I readed that studies confirm that iron deficiency can be one of the reasons can cause miscarriage, but also, we should be more attentive to the dose that we take if we decide to take supplement.
    In general, we should always consult a doctor before we enter anything into our stomach
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