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Finding or switching OB

kittkatt12kittkatt12 member
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I love, love, love my current OBGYN but I may need to find a new one. Could use some advice for finding or switching OBs. What to look for or watch out for? Starting as a new discussion since other mamas may also need to find or switch OBs. 

Re: Finding or switching OB

  •  MaryNog MaryNog member
    I always look to see whether they’re board certified. Aside from that, it’s an issue of personal rapport, I think. Try someone and see if you like them, you can always switch again, especially in the beginning when there aren’t many appointments. 
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    Hi I went through this last year. Our insurance changed and we had to find all new doctors. I’m involved in some local Facebook groups for women and that has been a great resource. They shared their experiences and gave recommendations. I  did research after  because I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC whenever I would get pregnant next. I also researched and asked about the hospitals they delivered at and got info on them as well. Some hospitals are more likely to push for a c section if labor is taking to long. 

    Also find out if they support the following if they are important to you:
     water births, skin to skin with both parents, delayed cord clamping.

    Sorry that was long but hope it was helpful! 
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  • I picked the practice based on the hospital I knew I wanted to deliver at with my son.  I also was pretty sure I wanted midwife care which factored into my decision since you can switch off every other appointment with the OB and midwife at the practice I go to.
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  • sarahb2007sarahb2007 member
    I started with the hospital I want to deliver at and spent a long time reading reviews and checking insurance coverage to narrow down to a few options. I made an appointment for early June so we'll see how it goes, can always switch I guess
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @sarahb2007 are they seeing you in person? I haven’t made my first appointment yet out of nerves :)
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  • I agree with starting with the hospital, when it comes time for delivery the hospital staff and philosophy was important to me. Then a board certified OB who comes with personal recommendations to follow. One thing I love about my practice is that my dr will deliver my baby, regardless of who is or isn’t on call, unless they are out of town all together. 

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  • sarahb2007sarahb2007 member
    @stillcozy I have a phone appointment with a nurse first, then an ultrasound appointment, then finally see midwife in June. I think the clinics have their safety down pretty good, my husband can't come with which is a bummer, but everyone must wear masks and get symptoms checked at the door.
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