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Ten Things Tuesday 3.31

It’s a challenge recently, but what 10 things are you feeling thankful for right now? List them below! 
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Re: Ten Things Tuesday 3.31

  • 1) DH being home 
    2) my puppy always giving unconditional love
    3) all my family member being safe at home
    4) DH and I both still having an income
    5) the wonder lust that comes with the TWW (aka the day-dream what if I am finally KU)
    6) the food we have in our home
    7) DH renovating our basement rn (I didn’t think it’d get done until closer to next year)
    8) my meditation app expectful ( I find it especially helpful during the TWW) and Boho Beautiful free yoga classes on YouTube 
    9) that all my friends are also safe at home 
    10) that I am in good health and able to care for patients during this crisis 
  • 1. Warmth and sunshine
    2. Being able to walk and run outside
    3. yoga pants 
    4. my family 
    5. DH for fixing my computer
    6. DH
    7. watching 90’s shows
    8. Long showers 
    9. my favorite cozy blanket
    10. Amazing coworkers 
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  • 1) DH and I still being able to work and have an income
    2) new books coming in the mail
    3) fuzzy blankets
    4) kitty cat snuggles
    5) responsive coworkers
    6) dinner leftovers for lunch
    7) DH being so incredibly supportive
    8) online shopping
    9) lunchtime walks
    10) that we are both in good health
    [Deleted User]keikilove
  • 1) DH❤️
    2) DH tackling my honey-do list
    3) DH finally putting up shelves in my bathroom. Soooo helpful!
    4) Warm days after lots of rain
    5) My health
    6) The health of my entire extended family 
    7) The community shared in this TTGP group. I’d be losing my mind right now without this outlet. 
    8) Our job security, thank you Jesus! 
    9) Modern medicine, especially in this time of figuring out how best to combat COVID-19
    10) My great healthcare team, & all healthcare workers on the frontlines right now💗💗💗
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