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Ten Things Tuesday 03/24

What are 10 things you’re thankful for lately? 

Re: Ten Things Tuesday 03/24

  • mimsermimser member
    1. A good ultrasound yesterday 
    2. My fiancé
    3. My beagle dog
    4. The weather getting nicer
    5. Being able to work from home (and still work at this point)
    6. Health for my family and me
    7. Being able to schedule my first trimester ultrasound 
    8. Having an easy time getting pregnant
    9. The ladies on this board
    10. My Kindara ladies
  • 1. Healthy family
    2. Supportive parents as I teach from home 
    3. My Husband 
    4. A full pantry
    5. A full freezer
    6. Still having two incomes 
    7. the beautiful weather today
    8. DH’s day off today
    9. loads of hand me downs we always get for DD
    10. not waking up at 4 am for the last two nights! 
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  • 1. Healthy family here and in Europe
    2. Good jobs that are so far supportive of the crazy situation
    3. Supportive friends and family from afar
    4. This board
    5. My amazing husband
    6. My crazy kiddo
    7. A healthy pregnancy so far
    8. California 
    9. A house that makes staying in not so bad
    10. My yoga teachers

  • 1. Our health
    2. Spending time together as a family, even though it's not under ideal circumstances
    3. My pack of pups. They know how to quarantine like pros and have not denied me a snuggle yet.
    4. Not losing my job + my husband definitely not losing his 
    5. My littles wanting to do yoga with me
    6. Mexican takeout
    7. A never ending queue of Netflix shows to watch after my kids are in bed
    8. My intended parents. They've been so great and I feel really fortunate to have been matched with such lovely people.
    9. Preschool teachers (and teachers in general, but I have two preschoolers)
    10. Working from home before this quarantine, because it hasn't been such a shock to my daily routine to be stuck in the house
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