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Product Spotlight: Strollers!

Each week we'll spotlight a new category of product. Feel free to comment on threads like these throughout your time at the board, not just when they're in their week in the spotlight, if you discover something new OR are new to the board. This week it's.... Strollers!
FTMs are encouraged to ask questions & STM/+s encouraged to share their knowledge based on experience. You can use any or all the prompts relevant to you below to share info in an easy-to-read format. Pictures/screen grabs, if put in spoilers, are welcome!
For all....
What strollers do you recommend or not recommend? Would you recommend having more than one for different times? 

Next up: Car Seats! 

Re: Product Spotlight: Strollers!

  • I had been thinking of the Uppababy Vista, but I remember some people mentioning that they didn’t like it. I’m curious why? Or if someone does recommend it? I liked the idea that it can be a single now and a double later, so I would also be interested in hearing about alternatives that can become a double in the future. 
  • babyodobabyodo member
    So, I know this post is about strollers, but I have a travel system dilemma. MH's parents have offered to get us one big ticket item for our baby shower (this is their first grandchild), so we've decided to request a travel system, since we figure that's easier than buying a car seat & stroller separately.

    We're torn between two different travel systems: the Peg Perego YPSI ($799.99) or the Evenflo Pivot ($279.99). The first one has the highest safety ratings in Europe (their standards are more strict than the U.S.), and should grow with LO to around 5 years old, but it is wicked expensive. The second one is rated highest in the U.S. safety ratings, and goes up to around the same age range, but is more affordable. So, basically, we'd be sacrificing some level of safety for cost savings.

    Can anyone who has experience with either of these models chime in and offer some advice?
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  • I cannot day enough positive things about our Summer Infant 3Dlite as a lightweight travel stroller. It’s been with us to both US Disney resorts, it’s a godsend in the airport. Even though we’re having #2 now we’re keeping it and will probably get a second the first time we travel with two kids.

    i have a question about doubles... we bought a second-hand City Select because I like that we can hook the infant car seat right in there in addition to the toddler seat it comes with. The folks we bought it from also included the bassinet attachment which seems cool. But my friend said I’m really going to want a bob double jogger. HOLY COW are they expensive—are they really that much better than a cheaper brand?
  • Any STM+ have any suggestions on best strollers for twins?
  • I have an Uppa Baby Vista.  It’s a dream stroller.  Turns on a dime.  If exceptionally well made.  I bought it with the bassinet add on piece.  That was a god send for my preemie baby.  The hospital advised me to never have her on in a car seat for more than 30 minutes because it’s hard on a preemie circulatory system.   I love my uppa baby and will be purchasing the additional seat for it so my toddler can still ride.  

    I also have a summer infant stroller we travelled with because I didn’t want the airlines tearing up my good stroller.   It is far inferior to the uppa baby.   After seeing other friends strollers I personally feel like you get what you pay for with regard to strollers.  
  • We were on a budget, so we got the Graco aire3 with the Graco click connect car seat. I was happy with it. No real complaints, but it's not fancy. 

    Ended up getting the summer infant 3D mini for travel and that thing is awesome, especially for the price. Small and compact but good quality. We pretty much have used that exclusively since she was around 10 months old. 
  • @baseballismyfavoriteseason I love my single BOB! I got it second hand and it was in perfect condition. I would never pay full price one. Both my husband and I ran with it and it’s great for walking around on uneven terrain. It makes for a very smooth ride and it’s easy to push with one hand. 

    I also have a Graco SnugRider Elite car seat carrier and bassinet (we got it as a gift). It is good for walking on paved paths or in the mall, but the sidewalks around my house are terrible and it was a pain to use for daily walks.  

    I’m not sure if I will get a double stroller or just plan on using a carrier for the baby. 
  • maybe it's just me, but I would think at this point it makes more sense to have the spotlights be on products for use during pregnancy.  strollers is not even on my radar right now, but things like maternity bras, skin products, etc., are more relevant.
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    @kboydbowman  There were already product spotlights for skincare, vitamins/supplements, and pregnancy books, so there have been product spotlights more directly related to pregnancy.
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    I have the BOB jogging stroller.  It is great for going on walks even on uneven terrain.  It is a smooth ride, and it is easy to push.  It is a good quality stroller.  My only complaint about it is that it's kind of big and doesn't fold up very well.  I ended up buying a cheaper stroller that folded up well for when we would travel.  I can't remember the brand of that one.  I also found that I didn't use my strollers as much as I thought because I usually preferred to use a baby carrier.
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  • I don't run nor use a stroller on trails much so jogging strollers we not for me. 

    I have the Vista. I absolutely love it in terms of quality and performance, and I loved the bassinet. HOWEVER it is ridiculously heavy. Now that we live in an area where we can walk around and go to the park/store, the Vista lives in the garage. I honestly don't know how much I'm gonna like it as a double. I heard good and bad things about the configurations. I'll probably give it a go and purchase the additional stuff but I might end up getting a side by side when the kiddos are older. 

    I plan to baby wear for trips to the park, and for errands with both kiddos perhaps my oldest can just walk. Then for longer days out we'll do the Vista as a double. 

    Would 💯 recommend the Summer 3D Lite. We have 2, one is in Texas at the IL.

    @babyodo I personally would go with the PegPerego if they are willing to spend the $$. Evenflo is affordable and has good ratings but I know a few people that have it and wouldn't rave about it. My IL got us the Vista so we took advantage of the big ticket item too!
  • With DD1 and 2 we used the same Chicco Keyfit stroller system and loved it. We will probably go with that one again for the new baby but buy a new one since the infant car seat is expired. We have a Joovy Scooter x2 side by side double that I’ll use for the younger ones once the baby can sit up. 
  • I have a Vista and love it so much. My only complaint is that the rumble seat is small, so my kids didn't fit in it for as long as I would have liked. I also had a City Mini GT when I only had one child and it was lovely as well.
  • fitzfizz said:
    I had been thinking of the Uppababy Vista, but I remember some people mentioning that they didn’t like it. I’m curious why? Or if someone does recommend it? I liked the idea that it can be a single now and a double later, so I would also be interested in hearing about alternatives that can become a double in the future. 
    I'm late to this conversation. I have the Vista and LOVE it as a single stroller, but as a double its so impractical unless you have 2u2 (in my opinion). My 2.5yo barely fit in the rumble seat by the time the baby was big enough to be out of the carseat/bassinet. With a 30lb kid sitting right over the front wheels its SO hard to steer, it's like driving a bus. 

    I found a Britax side by side on a yardsale site for $100 brand new and I love it. I thought I would hate it being so wide, but it's barely wider than the Vista. It's also no wider than a wheelchair so it fits through all doorways, etc. in public. 
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    I’m late too but I also have the Vista and I absolutely LOVE it! The bassinet was great when my daughter was brand new. Someone mentioned it being heavy and I actually feel like it so much lighter than my sisters BOB so I actually always commented on how light it is compared to other strollers of similar size. I’m not a big person but I can easily fold it and stick it in the trunk of my SUV. 

    Since my kids will be close in age (my daughter is only 9 months now), I suppose I won’t notice for a long time that the rumble seat is small. Actually never occurred to me since it’s so big for her right now. I plan to buy the adapters so I can have the bassinet and the rumble seat on at the same time. 

    But I love it so much. It’s by far my favorite splurge. I bought it with my registry completion and got a discount. 

    Oh! And we bought the travel bag so we easily took it on planes with us just checked it at the gate. When you use their travel bag, they will warrant if anything happens to it during flight. I actually had a wheel issue and they immediately sent me out a whole new frame free of charge. 
  • What age do you generally stop using the stroller for kids? 
    DS will be 2.5 when this baby is born. Is it even worth getting a double stroller? 
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  • @profmcgonagall I'm in a similar boat. DD will be just over 2 when baby is born. I am not planning on getting a double stroller for now. I babywear a lot early on, so I figure I will do that on walks for the first 6-12 months if we are all together. We have a wagon they can both sit in once the new baby is big enough. Plus, DD doesn't really like sitting in a stroller now. We don't travel very much though so that would be the game changer for me. I might purchase one if we decide to take a trip where we will be doing a lot of walking.
  • @carrotsandpeas3 the family we nanny with has a double and her kids were 3 years apart. It seems like a good thing to have but I'm also most likely going to wait until baby is a bit older and see how we feel. My son was pretty lean for a while so he was always so tiny for the stroller lol. I guess I might get the additional seat for the Vista, maybe try to find it used. I'm thinking we could benefit from a side to side for neighborhood walks and long days at the zoo/park/beach. In my head right now I think the City side by side is what I might do 🤔 I have to also check prices on all of these lol
  • I love my BOB single stroller. A lot
    ofnmy friends have the double and love it. A few recommended that I buy the baby jogger double instead. They said it runs smoother. We do a lot of trail walking/hiking with our group so it’s worth the money IMO. 

    I was thinking about buying the summer infant 3D lite for our trip to Disney world this summer (fingers crossed it still happens.) DD will be four, but she still uses our BOB whenever we go to the zoo or amusement parks here. I kind of want something light that will be easy to travel with but not too light weight since she may end taking naps in it and I’d like it for carrying our stuff. Just unsure if it’s worth the money to buy another single stroller or maybe look a double light weight stroller. Any suggestions?
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