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WTF Wednesday 3/18

What has you saying WTF today?

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  • gingermama29gingermama29 member
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    Selfishly starting this thread cause I wanted to b*tch for a minute.

    TW* pregnancy
    ugh a coworker is pregnant and has been posting for several days a million old wives tales to try and guess the sex of her baby (she's saying gender but I wanted to be correct in this post). She now has a poll up to have people guess and isn't planning to reveal for several days. Honey, I know you're excited but literally nobody cares that much about how your kid is going to pee. Do you really need that much attention right now??? 
  • @gingermama29. I am sorry- that is super frustrating. 

    I am sure they had some plans to reveal the sex in the fun way and now their plans got squashed.  Or they are "creating something fun to distract us all during this difficult time".  Either way, just not really necessary.

    DH and I tend to be more private and not really on social media.  It is interesting to see how different people handle these big life milestones on social media.  Like do all your friends care about this or could you just tell a few people in a different way.  
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  • What a clusterf*ck of a workday

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    @gingermama29 I agree with @inthewoods23 the poll and old wives tales is SO obnoxious.  

    ETA My WTF. DH tweaked his back and has been putting so much of that Icy Hot stuff on it, my eyes are watering. He's sitting like 8 feet away from me and it still stings. 
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