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  • @feather_heather So happy for you! I want to live vicariously through you!
    Me: 36 DH: 33 TTC #1 since 2/2019  Blocked Fallopian Tube

  • @abarr723 sorry for the added stress with your term getting pushed back! Hopefully they get moved to online soon instead! Good luck with your follie check tomorrow, fingers crossed you get to proceed with your IUI! 
    @feather_heather so happy you are proceeding...don’t feel guilty at all!! I’m rooting so hard for you, friend!! 💜
  • @feather_heather that's awesome!! FX that you get to do the transfer next week!! yayy!!
    @bluetickgal thanks love, hopefully they get it together and figure something out! I'm ready to blow through this final 10 weeks and finish school!

    Also, I will totally keep any updates to myself, I don't want to upset anyone who has had to cancel. :( I can find a million other things to talk about. Like how I took vacation from work for 10 days and I am thoroughly enjoying hanging around the house with my pups doing a whole lot of nothing, and not dealing with whatever nightmares are going on at the hospital. DH went back to work today after his usual 2 days off. There's no guarantee that he will be able to come home though, there are many other officers who have to be quarantined due to showing signs of illness, so they're super short right now.  :|
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    Rx: Femara &Trigger with IUI
    IUI#1 2/26- BETA 3/11

  • @sheepshepherdess welcome and woohoo for a surprise IUI! Were you here in July '18? Your name and pic look familiar. Time flies. Whoa. 

    @feather_heather whoohoo!! So excited for you!!

    Married: Spring 2009
    TTC #1: July 2018
    BFP 12/7/18, EDD 8/20/19
    CP 12/17/18 @ 5 weeks, 1 day
    BFP 7/1/19, CP confirmed 7/3/19
    First RE consult 5/2019
    Hycosy: All clear!
    Unexplained IF/RPL
    IUI#1 November '19: BFN
    IUI#2 February '19: Cancelled (ovaries went rogue)
    IVF March '20: Cancelled
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  • well, it's official. My cycle was cancelled.  :/ It was only a matter of time I guess.
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    TTC #1: 1/2019
    Dx: Borderline PCOS
    Rx: Femara &Trigger with IUI
    IUI#1 2/26- BETA 3/11

  • @emeraldduchess oh no I was going to post my Gordon Ramsay pic but I might have deleted it off my phone 😱 finally something positive!

    @abarr723 sorry about your cycle. Can confirm, it sucks

    Me: 30 DH:32 | Together since 2007 | Married 7/2/16

    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained, low morph

    IUI #1-3 | all BFN

    IVF #1 | 6/11/19 | 24R, 17M, 15F, 6B, PGT-A tested - 5 normal, 3 girls & 2 boys

    FET #1 | 9/10/19 | BFN
    "I know you, but we've never met. I'm with you, but I don't know your name"

    Loss, Receptiva, & ERA testing | all normal/negative, recommended going on gluten and dairy free diet

    FET #2 | Cancelled due to pandemic

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  • It does suck, they told me to timed intercourse with OPK, and if/when my next cycle begins, to call. 😑
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    Peeing in public  :D 

    TTC #1: 1/2019
    Dx: Borderline PCOS
    Rx: Femara &Trigger with IUI
    IUI#1 2/26- BETA 3/11

  • @abarr723 and @keikilove - I’m sorry  :'(

    @emeraldduchess - I’m so glad they were able to reschedule it as a telehealth appointment! 
    Me: 29 DH:35
    Together since 2016
    Married April 28, 2018
    TTC #1 since August 2018 
    Dx: Endometriosis, Borderline PCOS, Unexplained 
    HSG - 05/17/2019 - Normal
    IUI 1 - BFN
    IUI 2 - Cycle cancelled due to follicles shrinking
    IUI 3 - BFN
    IVF 1 - 10/31/2019
    15 eggs retrieved, 11 fertilized, 9 embryos on Day 5
    Fresh Transfer 1 - 11/5/2019
    7AA Embryo - BFN
    Frozen Transfer 1 - 12/27/19
    7AB Embryo - BFN
    Hysteroscopy - 01/17/2020 - Normal
    Endometrial Biopsy - 02/20/2020 - Normal/In-Phase
    Frozen Transfer 2 - 03/25/2020
    7AB and 6AB Embryo - HPT 04/05/2020
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  • @keikilove I'm so sorry that after all that your cycle was cancelled! You're always such an encouragement here. Thank you for  thinking of all of us, even while you were going through your own stuff. 
    Me: 36 DH: 33 TTC #1 since 2/2019  Blocked Fallopian Tube

  • My RE is no longer doing any treatment.
    So we're out. 

    This might be it for us, ladies. I'm honestly wondering if given our ages, given the chaos in the world if we are just going to accept that this isn't happening. 

    My chart looks spot on, so I guess we'll see if we were successful. I have an appointment on the 30th by phone to go over what our next (someday) steps might be, what kind of a time frame they are thinking. We are in Vermont, but on the border with NY, so things have gotten very real here. 

  • @the_road_to_oz oh I’m so, so sorry to hear that! I know that given the situation that it isn’t worth the risk, especially being so close to NY. My heart goes out to you and YH right now. I hope that this is not the end for you and this passes quickly and you are still able to proceed.  <3
    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow!"
    Me: 39 DH: 38

    TTC since: 06/17
    Dx: MFI low morph; Acrosome defect
    IVF #1 November 2018 - 1 blast, fresh transfer BFN
    IVF #2 December 2019 - 2 early blast, fresh transfer BFN
    FET - March 2020 - 1 blast on ice 

  • keikilovekeikilove member
    edited March 23
    @the_road_to_oz I’m so sorry you’re in this boat as well. It’s such a rocky ride. Like Nitnat said, I truly hope that things will subside in time for you & YH to decide that you will continue with the intended plan. Please don’t let age be the deciding factor. I’m praying with all my heart (for all of us) that this situation really has wound down across the country by April or May. I hope this will just be a 2-3 month blip on the bigger picture of all of our success stories. 

    @nitnat007 Glad to hear you’re doing well! I hope you’re enjoying being PUPO.😊 

    @feather_heather and @shoogapoff  and @nitnat007 Thank you so much for your super kind words of comfort and encouragement. It means a lot.❤️

    @kpearse99 Aaaww Thanks, girl! I have to admit, it feels really good to finally be back in a positive frame of mind! You and I both know we’ve been so up and then so very down on this TTC rollercoaster— just like everyone else in this group. The last time I spoke to my RE she said, “Breathe. You need to breathe deeply... This is why people lose their minds doing IVF or ART, period. This is why some people throw in the towel. The constant uncertainty of the whole process is enough to drive anyone crazy.” That actually made me feel better! I’ve posted here a few times like, “So I’m usually very stable & calm but... here’s a mountain of my latest TTC drama.” It’s weird to go through a situation that can make us feel not like our true selves. And then have that abnormal “not myself” feeling become the ongoing stressful normal for months on months on end... We are all goddesses and true warriors for making it this far!💗

    @Everyone else who is still reeling from cancelled cycles, I am thinking of you and sending so many positive thoughts and prayers up for you.♥️♥️♥️ Starting a new week is hopefully getting us one week closer to being able to move forward. 
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