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Baby Names

Let's talk names, not viruses!

I'm so tired of talking about covid.
So I'm shifting focus to baby girl names!
Which name sounds best, or do you have other suggestions?
Sister is Leah. Middle name will likely be Elizabeth. Last name rhymes with "turtle".
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Re: Let's talk names, not viruses!

  • Hailey seems to go the best with Elizabeth and feels like a complete name. 
  • Hailey Elizabeth
    Samantha Elizabeth
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  • Allison Elizabeth (nn Allie)

    I might be a little biased on that one. It's my DD's name.   :)
  • Samantha is my favorite of the first names although Samantha Elizabeth is pretty long 
  • Either Hailey or Samantha. 
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  • Alexandra, Allison, or Alexis NN Allie
  • Hailey
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  • I like Allie or Ella with Leah as a sibling set, but they are also very similar sounds. Maybe a longer version of Allie or Ella - or else Samantha.
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  • Samantha Elizabeth is my favorite of your options. I also really like Samantha (Sam) and Leah as a sibset. Another option, Jillian. I think Jillian Elizabeth is wonderful. 

    Allie, Liv and Ella all feel like nicknames to me. I’d like them better as longer names that got shortened for a nickname. Though Ella and Leah feel a little bit like a tongue twister. 
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  • hoff079hoff079 member
    Thanks everyone!  What about Sydney?  I really like Samantha but it's so long!  My mom suggested Jillian.  And I like it, but I don't love Jill.....
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    IVF baby girl born 7/2018  <3
    TTC 2013. FET 11/17 - BFP after attempt #6!

  • Another vote for Jillian. Nicknames could be Jilly Bean or Lilli since you don’t like Jill.
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