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Middle names for Fiorentina and Fiorenzo- Barry/Barrie?

We are team green due in 3 weeks, and have settled on Fiorentina and Fiorenzo as first names. My late father was Barry Stanton, and I want to honor him some how. I prefer Stanton for a boy and my husband prefers Barry. 

So, honestly, how does Fiorenzo Barry sound for a boy? The names are just such different styles that it's hard for me to grasp, so I want some opinions. 

And if we are going down that road, what do you think of Fiorentina Barrie? I'm open to any and all suggestions.


Re: Middle names for Fiorentina and Fiorenzo- Barry/Barrie?

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    I don’t think it sounds good because like you said they are two different styles and it’s a mouthful to me. But since it’s your late father I wouldn’t worry about flow so much and do what you want to do to honor him. 
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    They are very different styles, and aside from wanting to honor your late father, it doesn’t seem like you love the name either.
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    What about Barron? Combine the beginning of Barry with the end of Stanton.
    Alternately, could you use his last name as a middle name? Did he maybe have a nickname he used?
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    Fiorenzo Bartholomew or Fiorenzo Stanton sound better. 
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