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We like old fashion but uncommon names to go with our girls. Open to suggestions! 

Baby boy name 34 votes

26% 9 votes
23% 8 votes
20% 7 votes
29% 10 votes

Re: Baby boy name

  • brose1117brose1117 member
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    Walter is my dream name that my husband will never go for! I love it so much. My second favorite is August (actually Augustus) to achieve nickname, Gus ❤️❤️

    We know an “Art” (Arthur) and I really don’t like it, he’s in his 20s. Sometimes I play with Arthur because it comes up on lists and I’m intrigued and then i think of him. Idk why his nickname just always feels meh to me. 
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  • Tawny87Tawny87 member
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    I say Walter or August. The other two names are nice but very popular.

    ETA: I read Arthur as something else. I really like it too and it's definitely not as common as Calvin. No more bumping before coffee...
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  • If your H isn't keen on Walter, what about Wallace?  That is an awesome name too! The other choices are not so great, sorry :( 
  • I voted for Walter but would like any of them except Calvin which seems to be trending.
  • I adore Walter. I just re-read the AoGG series which is why I originally fell in love with the name. 

    I have an 8 yr old nephew named Arthur. It wears very well, he doesn’t use a NN. 

    My children have baby fever and really want to have Baby Gus join our family. 😆 I prefer the full name Augustine; August just sounds so truncated to me. 
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