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Late Night GTKY Love Songs

Because the insomnia is real these days and I haven’t started a GTKY in a while.....

What is your and SO’s song? (First dance wedding song or just a song you really both love.) If you have more than one, that’s fine too! 

Re: Late Night GTKY Love Songs

  • Our first dance song was It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
    Me: 27 DH: 27
    Married 6/15/13
    BFP #1 5/8/16, EDD 12/31/16- DD born 9/10/16 at 24 weeks 
    ~In our hearts forever~
    BFP #2 10/14/17, EDD 7/1/18

  • Only Us from Dear Evan Hansen (taken out of context from the play lol)
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  • More officially-"when you say nothing at all" but I kind of hate the recorded versions of it. DH had his college Glee club buddies sing it during his proposal and at our wedding.

    Unofficially-"The book of love" by Peter Gabriel
  • sjomommasjomomma member
    Our song is Tangled up in you by Aaron Lewis (lead singer of the band staind). We danced to a less rock, more country version he did at our wedding ❤️
  • calliahcalliah member
    Our first dance was Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. MH always points it out when he hears it ❤️
  • Only Love by Ben Howard
    Me: 29 || DH: 29
    TTC #1 4/2016 || dx NIR PCOS 7/2016 || BFP 4/2017
    DD - 12/28/17 <3

    TTC #2 3/2019
    BFP 5/2019 || MC - D&C 5/2019
    BFP 2/2020 || EDD 10/10/2020
  • JLaVO888JLaVO888 member
    @carrotsandpeas3 Ours was also When You Say Nothing at All- the Allison Krause version! Which is the only one to know I my opinion . Her voice is amazing.

    we also love best fried my tim McGraw, thinking out loud by Ed sherron and lately I’ve really been loving greatest love story by lanco because DH and I are happy sweethearts 

    my head hurts too much for correct capitalization and punctuation this morning people.

  • Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum was our wedding first dance. And we loved this song as well while dating, Kissed You ((Goodnight)) by Gloriana. 
    Just Give Me a Reason by Pink is a more recent song that is kind of ours. 
  • mckjacksmckjacks member
    @MJDsquared LOVE Ben Howard. I walked down the aisle to Old Pine

    Our first dance song was Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore, it’s also the first song we ever danced together to
  • kalesix3kalesix3 member
    Blue Swede-Hooked On a Feeling was our first song, I Drove All Night cover by the Protomen and Friday I'm In Love (The Cure) were two others 
    that happened along the way. I didn't go to public school or know my SO when we were in school so we never had a dance or anything, these were just songs we play for each other as much as possible ❤️
  • Our first dance/our song is Got to Get You Into My Life by The Beatles! 
    (Nearly passed out during because the day was so busy that I had barely eaten all day haha) 
  • Our song is Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon. Our first dance was to Hearts Don't Break Around Here by Ed Sheeran whom I love ♥️
  • BLuvsEBLuvsE member
    We danced to Johnny Mathis - Chances Are 🥰🥰
    First Child born

    5/5/14 and 6/5/14
    Twins born into Heaven 
    BFP - 4/6/14, due date 12/8/14. First twin M/C at home - 5/5/14, Second twin D&C - 6/5/14

    Chemical Pregnancy

    Second after severe bleeding for 18 weeks due to subchorionic hematoma

    Expecting Number 3 due 10/31/2020
  • @kalesix3 I think first dance generally refers to your wedding, not a school dance, but I know some people don't do that either. 
  • @carrotsandpeas3 oh my gosh I'm dumb! Thank you, that totally makes more sense! 
  • @mckjacks I love him too! That's a great walk down the aisle song! 😍
    Me: 29 || DH: 29
    TTC #1 4/2016 || dx NIR PCOS 7/2016 || BFP 4/2017
    DD - 12/28/17 <3

    TTC #2 3/2019
    BFP 5/2019 || MC - D&C 5/2019
    BFP 2/2020 || EDD 10/10/2020
  • So our song is Love Shack by the B-52s 😂 when we were dating it was on ALL THE TIME.

    Our wedding song was From This Moment On by Shania Twain & Bryan White. Then of course we danced to Love Shack after!! 
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