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GTKY Wednesday

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Being that today is the start of Lent, is there anything that you are sacrificing or giving up for the next 40-ish days? 

*Many non-church-goers take part in this practice as well—hope it’s not controversial to post this!* 

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  • I wasn't going to... but you all are inspiring me. Now I just have to think of something! Lol.
    Me: 24 DH:40
    Married: 10/12/2019
    SD1 & 2: 12/01/2005
    DS: EDD 11/07/2020

  • I am giving up impulse buys at the grocery store and adding in more prayer time. 
  • I always give up pop (by Easter I’ll be dying for a McDonald’s Diet Coke!) and then I also usually do something extra like try to be more patient but I’m not sure what I will do for that part this year. 
  • keikilovekeikilove member
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    @feather_heather I am sooo impressed with your commitment! 

    AFM, I had to really think about this one because, like @inthewoods23, I’m already on a fairly restrictive diet for TTC purposes. 

    So, I’m giving up my lazy ways of vegging on the couch for hours in the evening & committing to being more helpful around the house in the evenings overall. 
  • Social media...sort of.... I deleted all social media apps off of my phone. It was AMAZING (and sad and scary) how many times today I idly went to check on something. 

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  • I wasn’t going to do anything either but hey, I’ll join in. You all inspire me. In all things TTC, I think for mine I’m going to give up looking at or googling any symptoms or browsing any pregnancy related videos on you tube, links or websites etc etc. Anything pregnancy related is out...except the Bump and FF. I need you ladies lol 🥰  I find I do it wayyyy too often and it’s become all I do or think about so I need the break from it. Maybe it will help my stress levels go down. Here goes nothing! Lol... 
  • I deleted all games off my phone, and i’m giving up soda. I always play games during my commute and when BF is watching soccer.... so now i wil spend that time being more present. Fingers crossed
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