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WTF Wednesday 2/26


Re: WTF Wednesday 2/26

  • @allthingscozy sorry you got a warning girl. Least it was worth it lol 
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  • I got a warning too! Will I get a second one if I respond to the message asking if the OP at least got one as well?
  • @feather_heather I think she did. She had a couple posts removed for TOU violation including when she said some of us shouldn't be parents.
  • @feather_heather I replied to my last warning saying that I didn’t think I deserved 2 for the same thread and got no response. I’m sure they are very busy and didn’t get to my message 🙄
  • Yeah, but notice that SHE isn't banned!!!!

    bows22  Yes... "too busy."  I'm sure.  More like, "DGAF about you peons so not responding to your pestering."    (Yeah, yeah, so the "bitter" in my # is warranted!)
  • Got a warning as well!
    Me: 24 DH:40
    Married: 10/12/2019
    SD1 & 2: 12/01/2005
    DS: EDD 11/07/2020

  • kpearse99  I feel like it's run by happy go lucky girls who've never had IF or MC in their lives and think we're all just mean girls and bitter hags and they relish giving us warnings for every tiny little thing now.  I mean, the GIFs I got a warning on yesterday were the tamest things I've EVER gotten a warning.  totally ridiculous.  
  • @kpearse99 I always picture them talking over their cubicles to each other about our posts! I think they are probably entertained
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