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Multiple chemical pregnancies

Hi everyone- 

I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies in a row. These are the first two times I’ve ever been pregnant. I’m trying to get some advice, stories, and experiences. I’ve heard 2 in a row are common??? I’ve heard it’s not. I’ve heard I should wait til 3-4 times for testing. I’ve heard my body isn’t used to what’s happening yet. Either way it’s super disappointing and I’m looking for someone who understands and can share their experience. 


Re: Multiple chemical pregnancies

  • @knottie8f2a15fa44ca79b6  So sorry you are going through this.  In between my two sons I had three chemical pregnancies/early miscarriages within 9 months.  It was gut wrenching.  And I never really did get any answers except for I had bad luck :(  My doctor wouldn't do any testing until my third loss.  All the blood work came back negative.  I was scheduled to go for a HSG to check my tubes, but got pregnant with my 2nd son right after the third loss.  My doctor did not believe that progesterone would help.  I did read somewhere that baby aspirin daily may help keep a pregnancy.  My doctor had no objections so I did take that for the first 12 weeks with my second.  Good luck.  I hope your next pregnancy sticks! 

    Our Journey:
    DS born 05/14
    Losses 06/15, 09/15, 02/16
    DS born 12/16
    HPT+ 1/12/20

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