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Baby Shower Issues

Hi Everyone I am beyond hurt at my friend, after spending almost $600on her shower that I was co-hosting in my house she decided to move it last minute to her house instead because I asked one of her friends to not bring her 3 year old. Personally I welcomed a break from my kids when they were that age, plus I was worried about the space as well. Anyway she was so nasty to me and said I was dramatic and was causing her stress. She never asked me to allow kids and maybe I should of asked her, but it is my house after all. At this point I am just dropping off all the decorations, cake, cookies, balloons, guest book, guest gifts and flowers and won’t even go to her shower bc I am so hurt and honesty feel so humiliated, just to think of what she’s saying about me to everyone. Is it just me or is this irrational behaviour and no sense in f gratitude. My intentions were pure and I put a lot of love into this shower. And now her other friend who was co-hosting w me gets to be there and I look like the B****

Re: Baby Shower Issues

  • Now you don’t have to clean your house. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • I'm just wondering how much space is needed to include a three year old?
  • You’re butthurt because someone reacted badly to you not wanted a 3 yo at a baby shower? Wow, you really know how to make your friend feel special and not make it all about what you want. I think you are the one who needs to take a look at your unreasonable request and do some apologizing. 
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