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So I'm not sure the gender of our baby yet but my husband and I have been talking about names. I have a few girl names I love, but I have a harder time with boy names. 

We really like Wilder and Judson

We already have a Scarlett and an Easton and my husband wants this baby to have two middle names if it's a boy because our other son has two family middle names.

The middle names would be Marshall and Ronald, not necessarily in that order. 

Do Wilder or Judson sound good with those middle names? 

Any other suggestions for names would be great. We like southern/old fashioned sounding names 

Re: Boy names

  • I think you definitely need to pick something with other than 2 syllables. Judson Marshall Ronald just sounds choppy because of the two syllable and emphasis on the first syllable. Something like James Marshall Ronald would sound much nicer.

  • What about just Judd Marshall Ronald?

    Harlan Marshall Ronald 
    Hank Marshall Ronald 
    Jude Marshall Ronald 
    Arlen Marshall Ronald 
    Dean Marshall Ronald 
    Tucker Marshall Ronald 

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  • Love pp suggestion of Jude Marshall Ronald and agree 2 syllables is choppy. 
  • I agree with the above posters both on syllables and Judd! 
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