Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Any similar stories could use some helpful info

Lmp was Jan.8.2020. Started having positives since Feb.7.2020.  Had blood work done for hcg on Saturday night going into early Sunday Feb.15-16th due to bleeding all day enough to have to wear a pad all day and it would be just about full. But hcg was 33 and that was my first hcg test. Cervix was closed. Ultrasound nothing. today hcg went up to 48. Bleeding slowing down also. Have to test again Wednesday or Thursday. I'm not sure what to think or expect but expecting the worse but hoping for the best. But wondering about anyone with similar stories? 

Re: Any similar stories could use some helpful info

  • Unfortunately, that hcg number is low compared to when you started getting positives. Also, it should be doubling every 48 hours and it is not.  Sounds like you're heading for a loss.  I'm sorry.

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  • How are you doing, did you have your appt? I don’t know much about hcg levels bc my doc didn’t follow that closely at all.  I’m going thru a MC right now.  It was a surprise to me this week.
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