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Sneak Peak Early Gender DNA Blood Test

Has anyone used one of these in the past? Experiences? With my DS we had 3 ultrasounds before we could see what he was. He wasn’t cooperating and remains a stubborn little stinker to this day lol! I don’t want to run into that this time around so I just purchased this kit but I have to wait two more weeks before sending it back. Curious if others have tried it and if they were accurate. 

They offer a money back guarantee if they are wrong but have a 99.1% accuracy per their website. 

Re: Sneak Peak Early Gender DNA Blood Test

  • r_kr_k member
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    I didn’t do the at home test with our daughter but my OB did a blood test at 10 weeks to check for chromosomal abnormalities and the bonus is it will also tell you gender. It said girl and we have a girl :)

    The only thing I’ve really heard about the at home tests is that you have to make sure you do it in a super clean environment where no chance of contamination by hairs or anything. Good luck!
  • My sister works for a company in La Jolla that sells those tests. She says that they are very accurate, but like @r_k said make sure you don’t contaminate the sample. If any male DNA from someone else in your house comes in contact with the sample you could get a false result. 
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  • I had a false result with sneek peak. Sanitized everything multiple times, washed my hands for double the time still got a boy result when I had a girl. I lost the baby at 21 weeks and because I didn't have a birth certificate they wouldn't refund me. Just told me they would give me a free test for my next pregnancy. 
  • @babs02 sorry for your loss. That’s extremely rude and insensitive of them! Makes me angry for you. 
  • @babs02 I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot believe that they treated you like that! 
  • @babs02 wow that’s terrible customer service especially during such an emotional and sensitive time. That’s a shame. I wish I knew that before I purchased mine cause I certainly wouldn’t have. In so sorry for your loss. 
  • @babs02 I'm so sorry for your loss. That's very insensitive and just not good customer service at all.
  • Thank you ladies! I agree the customer service was horrible! I got over it quick but I like to let people know how they run.
  • lelundquistlelundquist member
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    My sister used this and found out the gender at like 9 weeks. It was accurate. I plan to do the test in a couple weeks:)
  • We mailed our test in on Monday (at 8w6d) and they came back today saying we’re having a GIRL! 

    From all my research it seems there’s not much room for error with a girl result. I can also say this pregnancy has been totally different from my pregnancy with my son. We are sooo over the moon happy!!!
  • LURKING from J'20

    They were wrong for a mom on my BMB  a few years ago. They said boy she and it was girl. She submitted copy of birth certificate and got refund.

    However, my gf use it twice and it was correct. Another gf used it too and it was right.

    @babs02 so sorry for your loss and experience. That is awful!!!!
  • @busymom247 most of the incorrect results seem to say boy when the baby turned out to be a girl. The instructions were very clear and specific to avoid male DNA and not let a male touch the kit otherwise it could alter the results. 

    I’m a nurse and brought home supplies needed for a completely sterile field and scrubbed very thoroughly before collecting my sample. I received a girl result last week. Dying to know if it’s correct. We’re doing additional blood work thru my OB which will also provide gender but I don’t think I’ll relax until the anatomy scan. 
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