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2 positive blue dye, negative frer?

I tested twice yesterday and got 2 faint positives with cvs brand tests within 2 minutes of testing, full size lines just very very faintly blue. My boyfriend saw it but we tested with a frer last night, and it was stark negative. I had my “period” 3 days early and only lasted about 24 hours red blood but a lot lighter than normal, usually I’m 5-7 days and heavy. My period hasn’t returned and it’s been 3 days. My breasts are tender and huge and I have waves of nausea. I’m just so confused. Anyone else had this and ended up pg? Or am I just have a fluke cycle? Thanks!

Re: 2 positive blue dye, negative frer?

  • I know I know, I’m just going to drive myself crazy. Testing again tomorrow with frer. I have a 4 years old so I know what it’s like to be pregnant. I feel pg, we were pg last April but unfortunately lost it in late May. Had the same faint blue but also the frer has a super faint line then. 
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