HDBD 2/12 — The Bump
September 2020 Moms

HDBD 2/12

Bumps, Blumps, Bloat. Let's see it!
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Re: HDBD 2/12

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  • I’d love to post, but I can’t tell if it’s baby belly or poop.  :s:D For real. 
  • @chasingroygbiv I asked my 3yo last night how my tummy was looking and she said "big. {pause} maybe you need to poop!"

    So, lol, I get it. 
  • My son told me “mommy you’re getting big you have to stop eating so much!” 

    My belly is mostly leftover fat and bloat, but I definitely can’t wait to wear maternity shirts and claim my flubber  as baby belly HAHA! 
  • 10 weeks today! Feeling so heavy around my waist over the last 3 weeks. That baby bloat!!! Haven't been able to wear my jeans since week 8. Put on 7 pounds but have another 33 to go! 
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