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There's always next time...

"Hopeful mama, I see you.

I know you 'knew it would be negative,' but you hoped and prayed anyways.

You turn it over, or cover it with a towel, and you wait for 3 minutes exactly to know for sure what the result will be.

When you flip it over and see the one line, you squint and hold it up to the light and even shine your flash light to see if you’re just missing the second.

But it’s not there, and even though you 'knew it would be negative,' hoped and prayed...anyways.

So you toss the test in trash, and you go about your day, and a couple hours later or the next day you’re welcoming the start of a new cycle thanks to good ol’ Aunt Flow.

Oh hopeful mama, I see you.

And sister, I’m with you.

But while another month has come and gone, and your prayer hasn’t yet been answered, I hope you know that His delay, is not His denial.

I hope you know, you’re not alone.

And I hope, that next time, even when 'you KNOW it’ll be negative,' you hope and pray anyways, because one day... it might surprise you."


Credit: Kate Scholtes

Re: There's always next time...

  • Oh man, this made me tear up at my desk. Especially knowing how many of you and IRL friends have been riding this roller coaster for way too long. Sending love to all you ladies! ❤️
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  • So so fitting for me right now. Thank you for this. 

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  • @legendairymomma. Thanks for posting this.  Something I needed to hear today!  
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