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The Odds of NOT Having an Early Miscarriage

I keep going back to this from my last BMB and it helps me stay focused on the positive side of things. Thought I’d share in case it helps you guys too. ❤️

ProgressProbability of NOT having a miscarriage
3W, 0D67%
3W, 1D67.10%
3W, 2D67.40%
3W, 3D68%
3W, 4D68.70%
3W, 5D69.70%
3W, 6D70.80%
4W, 0D72%
4W, 1D73.50%
4W, 2D74.80%
4W, 3D76.40%
4W, 4D77.90%
4W, 5D79.50%
4W, 6D81.10%
5W, 0D82.70%
5W, 1D84.20%
5W, 2D85.60%
5W, 3D87%
5W, 4D88.30%
5W, 5D89.50%
5W, 6D90.60%
6W, 0D91.60%
6W, 1D92.50%
6W, 2D93.40%
6W, 3D94.10%
6W, 4D94.70%
6W, 5D95.30%
6W, 6D95.70%
7W, 0D96.10%
7W, 1D96.50%
7W, 2D96.80%
7W, 3D97%
7W, 4D97.20%
7W, 5D97.40%
7W, 6D97.50%
8W, 0D97.60%
8W, 1D97.70%
8W, 2D97.80%
8W, 3D97.80%
8W, 4D97.90%
8W, 5D97.90%
8W, 6D97.90%
9W, 0D97.90%
9W, 1D (and on)98%+

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Re: The Odds of NOT Having an Early Miscarriage

  • Thank you!
  • azzubaazzuba member
    edited February 10
    Nice post to wake up to. 
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  • kfeamkfeam member
    edited February 15
    I've been super concerned about a miscarriage as this is my first ever pregnancy and I just have heard so many stories of people I know miscarrying and then having their rainbow baby. I really appreciate this post and showing the likely hood of NOT miscarrying. Thank you.
  • Hi I have an early pregnancy  probably 4 weeks along I have been spotting for 3 days now. Can I get some stories of people spotting who went on the have healthy pregnancies? I even have had a few clots but it never lasts long or is very much. Does that sound more like a MC or normal for this time? 
  • @brianawilde I personally do not know, I don’t have much experience in that area, but there’s a thread for that, “Spotting/Bleeding Support thread.” There’s a lot of good advice and supportive ladies over there. Before posting there please take a minute to introduce yourself in the introductions post so we can get to know you and and take a look around the board to familiarize yourself with how things work. 
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