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September 2020 Moms

GTKY 2/6 - Screen Names!

Hi September! 

In order to get to know each other a bit better, how did you choose your Bump screen name? What does it mean to you? 

Re: GTKY 2/6 - Screen Names!

  • It's a play on my real name. 
    Me: 36, H: 37 | Married: 10/15/16 | DS#1: 7/18/04 | DS#2: 4/18/19
    BFP: 1/26/20 | EDD: 1/27/20
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  • *TW*

    We were struggling with RPL after baby #2 and were hoping for our rainbow baby— ROY G BIV.  :) 
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  • Well, this is a hold over from when I was planning my wedding on TK (10 years ago!). It's my maiden name and birthday
    Momma to 3 angels and one amazing boy.
    Due with #2 September 2020

  • I love Bob’s burgers. 
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  • My screen name is pretty boring. Just my first and last names shortened and put together.
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  • DS name is Otto (family name on MH side) and his nickname is otto rocket from rocket power.
  • Elsie is one of my cat's names  
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  • Welp, my name is not actually Jennifer (although it's similar) but mine came from a song title of the same name! 
  • Airplane! is my favorite movie
    DS1 2009
    DS2 2010
    DS3 2014
    #4 due 9/2020
  • starlynn91starlynn91 member
    edited February 6
    from an email address I had in HS. 
    ⭐️- my favorite shape
    lynn - middle name
    91- HS crush sport number

  • greylgreyl member
    Grey is my favorite color
    L is the first initial of my last name
    Also kind of sounds like “grail” which I thought of because H and I are currently watching the Fate series (anime) and its about holy grail wars so I figured it was a fun play on that. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    me: 28
    dh: 26
    married: 10/18
    bfp: 1/7/20
    edd: 9/20/20
  • Lol @CarbAddict you don't even need an explanation around these parts 😂. We're with ya, fam. 
  • I’m a doc, and a particularly bad patient. I was having to deal with my hospital as a patient due to some trouble getting pregnant, and I knew I was being sort of a brat about it, so it was my tongue in cheek self flagellation. 
  • Mine is in honor of my favorite baseball player! 
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

    Me: 36 DH 35 
    TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 8/21/17    NMC 1/8/16 at 7w6d
    TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/17/17   DS born 11/25/17 via ECS
    TTC 12/2018   BFP 6/2/19   EDD 2/12/20  NMC / BO at 7 weeks, low progesterone
    TTC 7/2019   BFP 8/21/19 EDD 4/22/20 CP at 5 weeks
    TTC 8/19    IUI #1 w/ Clomid + Ovidrel + progesterone  BFN, IUI 2 and 3 w/ Letrozole + Ovidrel + progesterone,
    IUI 4 Follistim + Ovidrel + progesterone BFP 1/9/20 EDD 9/18/20

    AMA, ITP in pregnancy, vWD type II - low Factor VIII, unexplained RPL and secondary infertility
  • Rae is my nickname, Sky is my SOs nickname, and 11:11 has always been a significant number between us. Personally, through everything we've gone through together, 11:11 in particular has always somehow brought me back into his path. 
  • Remember back in the intro thread when I said that I have no hobbies outside of my work and my family? Yeah its true...and I work with farmers so corn is a constant topic of conversation. 

  • I’m a dancer and dance teacher. I love all things Ballet, dance history, anatomy etc. Hence the nerd part. But only in relation to dance. I was never good at any other subjects in school 
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